Barbara Speaks – The Pennsylvania Meetup

Our Barbara Anderson has been in the thick of things during June and July getting her message out to the residents and government leaders of the state of Pennsylvania. In a well-attended meetup reported widely by the press, Barb – along with other activists, attorneys, and prominent state politicians delivered scathing attacks against the Watchtower’s policies related to the handling of Jehovah’s Witness child abusers.

There are several other videos of Barbara’s recent trip to Pennsylvania delivering her powerful message to those with the power to really make a difference – the government leaders and citizens of the state. Other videos recorded at these events will be available on this website.

Thanks to everyone who took time out of their personal schedules to attend the meetups and public demonstrations. Pennsylvania has been through this type of scandal before with the Penn State University child abuse scandals and Catholic Church protection of priests. In Pennsylvania state government leaders have shown that they will act if they know the people of the state are behind them and want measurable changes in the near future.

Barbara has worked tirelessly for years to get her message out to the public and press throughout the world. She also directs her message to Jehovah’s Witnesses who don’t seem to know – or simply choose to ignore what is happening within their own Kingdom Halls. After all – their children are most often the victims of the criminals who hide among them.


Barbara Speaks – The Pennsylvania Meetup — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, Barbara! I pray you can get the statue of Limitations law dropped! My Family, as well as myself, have suffered long and hard. This will be a big help in my therapy. I know i still have a long way, but I’m a survivor and finally, am beginning to feel the weight lifting from my shoulders.

  2. Thank you Barbara! I was told recently by a “sister” who stopped by and told me, “You need a psychiatrist to get over your PTSD to want to come back to meetings.” I told her, “You just don’t get it. Try telling elders about some crime against humanity that happened to you and them telling the person you finked on him and they side with him who threatened you with a gun, and that person firing a shotgun in front of your house at 4 AM (with two children 3 and under sleeping), then demonize you and shun you!” Not to mention hurry over to find his shotgun shell casing and remove it from my possession. Her response, “I would NEVER go to the elders with anything like that. I would go straight to the police.” I went to the police after they would not return the shotgun shell casing, and my only friends in the “Truth” were “told to disassociate from me if they didn’t want to be treated the same way.” Only, this woman went to the elders when her daughter was molested and they shunned her family for the “two to three witness rule” which I affectionately call, “Get the pervert out of trouble scripture.” I told her, “I just don’t ever want to be hit by the stupid stick by misogynists that do not care if my children or I are raped, dead or alive again.” I am officially on the do not call list because they do not want the rest of congregation to know how misogynistic, criminal (accessory after the crime and confiscating forensic evidence), and reckless the elders are in that congregation. They do damage control by finding out if I went to another Kingdom Hall that I wanted to be anonymous in and telling the elders there to treat me the same way they do. In other words they stalked me, and gossiped about what I told them in confidence. There is nothing more heartbreaking than getting away from a congregation that took sides with a sex offender with 5 victims in one Kingdom Hall, and having the elders there rape me psychologically by stalking me at my new Kingdom Hall and telling elders there I was “trouble and to keep their eyes on me,” quote, unquote.

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