“Barbara Uncensored” – Not Your Typical Biography

During the first week of May 2018, Amazon.com released a new book by and about our own Barbara Anderson and the tasks she has taken on for nearly 25 years. Barbara Anderson Uncensored: Eyewitness to Deceit is unique when compared to earlier books and autobiographies considered to be in the “ex-Jehovah’s Witness” or “apostate” book categories.

Richard E. Kelly, a well-known former Jehovah’s Witness and activist author, assisted Barbara in compiling and publishing her life story. The book recalls her experiences as a totally dedicated volunteer working on behalf of the Watchtower Society for many years. It also describes how her life was forever changed after she became one of the religious organization’s harshest critics. 

Readers will instantly recognize that this is not your typical “autobiography.” Richard Kelly has organized the story of Barbara’s life around events that focus and identify her personal influence on specific issues having to do with Watchtower Society’s practices and teachings. 

Barbara’s description of her youth and her first years as a dedicated Jehovah’s Witness are covered in just 23 pages – about 20% of the book. She and Richard Kelly then use the rest of the book to focus on her ongoing quest to identify and publicize harmful policies of the Watchtower Society that have negatively affected and injured so many innocent children, women, and men over the past 70 years. Several pages are dedicated to those who have followed Barbara’s lead and have become involved and active themselves.

While you will find Barbara’s personal story unique in so many ways, you will soon discover that the book directs your attention to the real issues at hand. Barbara never turns on the “poor me, look how I’ve suffered” approach and storylines that you find in many books by former Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Barbara and her husband, Joe were injured and suffered personal loss due to the choices they’ve made. She never makes those events a central theme of her life story. In fact, Barb and Joe have gained so many new friends throughout the world that they can barely keep up or stay in touch with them all. The book spends many pages identifying some of those “friends of Barbara” and describes their efforts to improve the lives of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the safety of their children.

You might say that “Barbara knows just about everyone involved in ex-JW activism – and nearly everybody knows Barbara.”

Above all, the leaders of the Watchtower organization also “know Barbara” very well. It’s likely that more than a few ranking members within the Watchtower hierarchy may have nightmares about her dedication and what she’s done to them.

For Barbara it’s not so much about what she has accomplished in the past, it’s what can be achieved in the future by those she has influenced and encouraged to join her and get involved in “the fight to make things right.”

Most important to Barbara is that the activism she helped initiate that challenges the harmful policies of the Watchtower organization continues and grows. Her goal has never been to change the Jehovah’s Witness religious beliefs or biblical interpretations. While she has her own opinions about their doctrines and interpretations of the Bible, she would rather expose the damage that Watchtower’s internal policies do to women, minor children and other vulnerable members who now realize that they are truly trapped in a cult. 

Yes – Barbara has been “a voice crying out” for over 25 years. Thanks to her efforts she is now just one of the dozens of “voices” who thank her for her inspiration and dedication in exposing the Watchtower’s deceit and harmful practices. Many have joined her, helped her, and gladly taken on some of her tasks. 

What do I think of the book? 

I definitely urge you to purchase a copy and read it for yourself.  (As of May 5, 2018, the book is available at Amazon.com in both paperback [120 pages] and Kindle versions.)

Barbara Anderson: UNCENSORED

If you do buy or borrow the book, I’m sure that you will agree that Barbara is not only unique among former Jehovah’s Witnesses, but also someone who deserves your support. That’s all she asks if you agree that her battles have been worthy. And if you think you could do what she does as well or even better, then she invites you to grab your pike, jump on your horse, and join the fray!

John Hoyle – (known to be a Barbara Anderson supporter and admirer)



“Barbara Uncensored” – Not Your Typical Biography — 22 Comments

  1. The J.W. organization uses Jehovah’s name to front their hypocrisy. “..having a form of godly devotion but proving false to it’s power, from these turn away.”

    • Although the Org has many bad points, especially the Child Abuse, but whom do you turn to in order to serve God properly.

      • Well, it is my opinion that Jehovah’s Holy Spirit does not dwell in Kingdom Halls that are covering up for sex offenders. Much like the account of Achan in the Bible. Achan and his family were annihilated for hiding stolen things under the tent that God had told them not to do. The elders are hiding things in the file cabinets full of accounts of child sexual abuse/pedophilia, incest, and even sexual assault with a deadly weapon (as in my case). So, I would not say that is the place “to serve God properly.”

      • That’s a two thousand year old question. You are not the first person to ask, “TO WHOM SHOULD WE GO TO?”. Did not Jesus answer that question? Serve God with your whole life and strength. Do not corrupt your worship by supporting the lies, greed and utter hypocrisy of the Watchtower. Indeed, Get Out Of Her My People ! If you do not want to share in her sins and receive her plagues. Run out !

        • Amen Mat! Men needs religion to…CONTROL people…God does not need religion! Serve God…not Jw.org. ! Jesus said “take me yoke upon you…. kindly…load light”…We know from yrs of being in Jw.org…NOT a light load! Evidently…Jesus was not refering to JW.org…Thankyou to Barb and all who are attempting to help others break free from this controlling cult. 🙂

          • That was to be…take my yoke upon you…excuse the mispelling…

      • John Butler, Man has ruled woman to her injury. After having the elders rummage through the ivy in my front yard for a shotgun shell casing and lying and saying “they had to show it to the others and they would bring it back to me,” and NEVER returning it to me to give to law enforcement and then turning around and telling people I thought loved me and I them that I am “crazy and having false memories,” that is a hard question to answer. All I know is unlike the elders, I was treated with dignity and respect by law enforcement after all my “friends” and other who would never get to know me were told to drop me like a hot potato for reporting crime. I never want to put myself through that kind of total rejection again by lawless people who are sticking up for sex offenders and even helping them evade being arrested by the police. Sadly, I will never believe or trust any fair weather church people ever again. They are all on the shallow side and just people pleasers pretending to be Christ-like. I really don’t have an answer for you other than that. I know that I talk to God and God has spoken to me in my heart through prayer. Also, through dreams that seem very vivid. I love the God that created the earth and every living thing in it. God did a great job! I think a person can serve God properly in their conduct with others. Jesus said to help the fatherless children, feed the poor, visit those loathed in prison, help heal the sick, help refugees from foreign war torn countries, etc. IF people ask questions about the Bible, by all means share your knowledge with others as teachers do with their students in a kind and dignified way. Those should be on everyone’s bucket list because it would make living in the world as we know it a much better place and give the downtrodden hope.

  2. I’m not into hero worship. Only God himself should be worshipped. This woman seems to have made a name for herself, so be it. However it does not solve the problems within the Org. We still have the questions. If God has a purpose for mankind then surely He will have a human organisation here on earth to gather people together in His name. So which organisation is it ? If it is the Jehovah’s Witnesses then God needs to sort that Org out very quickly. If it isn’t, then God needs to make it clear whom He will use. In my opinion, as soon as a person writes a book, then it’s all about the money and fame for themselves. So they lose the original idea of putting right the wrong being done. Shame really as she may have been doing a good job originally.

    • Forgive me John Butler, but it is evident that you have never written a book. I’ve written six and I’m sure you’ve never heard of me – so much for the “fame”. As for the money, no one could live off of the pittance of royalties that come from writing a book for a niche market. Royalties from six books for me amount to a drop in a bucket – so much for the “money”. Barbara Anderson probably spent months compiling this book and I’m sure it was a labor of love. Shame on YOU for suggesting otherwise.

    • Barbara is all about transparency. After working in that JW org and I might add very deep in the org as the main secretary to the head honchos in control of the books and paperwork for a great number of years, I do think she absolutly knows what she is talking about and has 100% credability behind her name. If anyone was to assume that God should be put into a box using our finite human brains in stating that God who is perfect would use any imperfect “organization” to do His bidding they have some serious errors in his or her thinking. It is not about religion nor any organization. God wants a personal relationship with us with the proof of it being God coming down to us in Jesus Christ (God incarnate) dying on the cross for our sins and anyone believing in Jesus as their Lord and Savior will be given the gift of eternal life. If you reject Christ you reject God then God being loving must also judge those who reject Him and cast them into hell for all eternity. Your choice with God for all eternity or in hell for all eternity? No organization controls that. Only God controls it and it is His word that tells us this. You will not find that being told by any organization. That is in God’s word plain and simple.

    • John Butler, One does not make a bundles of cash on their books unless they are a Danielle Steele or J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter). Of course, if they make it into a movie like “Big Eyes,” which features an active Jehovah Witness and her life with a jerk of an ex-husband then there is also a bundle of money for movie rights. In my opinion, Barbara Anderson spoke up and against sex offender sympathizers within Jehovah’s organization. For telling them and the world they should be mandated reporters and stop covering up crimes against humanity, they railroaded her out as you are doing for simply getting a book published about the issues of rape, incest, and pedophilia in the Kingdom Halls around the world. That clearly shows that women (and children) are just chattel and there is no public platform to be heard. Truly, it is a men’s club.

  3. Thank you Barbara for not going through the horrors of child sexual abuse or rape yourself but for sticking up for all of us victims that have been who have been shunned by all our fair weathered “friends” in the organization for being victims of crimes against humanity. Thank you for telling the world that the organization as a whole coddle pedophiles and/or rapists and that the elders will go to court on behalf of sexual predators even when there is DNA and other forensic damning evidence. Thank you for telling the world they shun victims, multiple victims (5 in my case) from the same predator, and the police. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. I’m delighted to know that Barbara has written a book. I knew Barbara and her husband Joe when we were all dedicated Jehovah’s Witnesses in the early years of our lives in Florida. I moved to California and continued in many “servant” positions, Barbara went to serve at the Watchtower Society’s main office in New York. I think we both left many years later for different reasons. It took me twelve years of personal psychotherapy to walk the path to self-discovery and realize how deeply I had been involved with the cult that took my life away as I gradually got it back. I haven’t read her book yet but in some ways, I’m reminded of the book by Barbara Grizutti Harrison many years ago who told her own story of liberation. She died a few years ago. We all come at it from different perspectives but we all learn the blessing of self-governance learning to live a more fulfilling life.

  5. I feel grateful to be one of the ex-JW individual Barbara has known. I have a great respect for Barbara’s activism, insider knowledge of the Watchtower and her fighting spirit to make the Watchtower’s harmful practices and policies right.Iam going to purchase amazon kindle copy of her release soon. Thank you so much Barbara for the release of this book. Its a God-send at a right time in this age of internet and mass awareness of the harmful religious teachings of the Watchtower it was inflicted on the innocents, those still trapped within.

  6. I love Babs… Just got told my comment was too short to publish…

    Ok so I really, really love babs for the good work her and hubby do..

    Hows that?

  7. Barbara Anderson is the wisest of heads in the xJW community. I jumped on Book Depository and purchased this straight away. I can’t wait to read it.

  8. I met Barbara at one of Dear Richard Rawe’s gatherings….There was nothing weird or strange about Barbara and the way she presented what she knew …she was very knowledgeable and professional, but caring…in the way she spoke about what she found out…Thankyou Barbara for all you have done for the down trodden within this cult…I am certain your book will help many more wake up.

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