Watchtower Loses Appeal to UK Charity Commission

The Supreme Court in the United Kingdom has issued a “final ruling” telling the Watch Tower and Bible Tract Society of Great Britain that it cannot stop the Charity Commission from investigating the charity. This ruling could end the Watchtower’s last gasp efforts to derail the Charity Commission’s inquiries.

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BBC Interview: Growing Up a JW – the Facts

Jeremy Vine, a featured interviewer for the UK’s BBC media network, invited former Jehovah’s Witness Naomi Rowling to share her childhood and life experiences. Her honest and revealing life story is very similar to those of thousands of JW children past and present.

During the interview, Ms. Rowling is calm, clear and precise in her recollection of her childhood experiences. She explains how her life lacked opportunity, outside relationships and holidays. She also provides a very clear and somewhat alarming overview of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ beliefs and their organization. She stays on subject and remains focused throughout. Very few short interviews offer such a high level of revealing and accurate information.

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San Diego Judge Imposes Heavy Fines on JWs

Reporter Dorian Hargrove of the San Diego Reader reported that a Superior Court judge has imposed a $4000 per day penalty against the Watchtower Society. He acted due to their refusal to produce court-ordered documents. The Jehovah’s Witnesses were responding to his order in a sex abuse trial involving a JW elder and a seven-year-old child. [Updated June 25, 2016]

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