Jehovah May Be Frowning

Harrison, Ohio
Written by Joe Awad, Editor
Tuesday, August 12, 2013 308 PM

They did it.

I had great hope the Jehovah’s Witnesses would not play dirty, but they did. A lawsuit against Harrison was inevitable over conflicting philosophies regarding the purpose of the Joint Economic Development District.

The JWs, backed by county commissioners, contend they have a legal right to build an assembly hall in the JEDD. The city contends they don’t because the JEDD’s purpose is to house industry and commercial enterprises that produce income tax and property tax revenue.

The hall is exempt from property tax because it is a church. And there would be no income tax to speak of because a lone groundskeeper, and perhaps his family, would live on the property.

All chips in

But they did it. The JWs played the religious discrimination card.

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