Jehovah’s Witnesses View of Charity

As many of you are well aware, Jehovah’s Witnesses have never been known for having a charitable spirit, not even towards their own members. Why? Because charitable acts are not encouraged by their leaders. Rather than actually helping others, the message conveyed through Watchtower literature is that the most important thing for members is to spend their personal time and money to convert non-Witnesses to their religion. After all, they preach that after God destroys the world He would eliminate all suffering – so it was not necessary to try to relieve human suffering now.

It was while my husband and I were staff members at the Watchtower’s world headquarters in New York that several momentous disasters occurred. Several actually affected and touched the lives of Jehovah’s Witnesses, some who were living right here in the United States.

As a result, many Witnesses who lived outside disaster areas came together to help their spiritual brothers in a large way. Traveling representatives reported those activities and the results to Watchtower leaders in New York.

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