Witnesses Ignore “Do Not Call” Lists

Halstead, England map {Google Maps]

Residents of Halstead have had enough door knocking by Jehovah’s Witnesses in their village. Halstead in Essex, England, is a town of about 11,000 residents just a 20-minute drive northeast of London. They’ve finally spoken out and complained to authorities that Jehovah’s Witnesses have become a nuisance and nothing seems to deter them.

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Rutherford is Dead – So is the Door-to-Door Ministry

Let’s face it: “Judge” Joseph F. Rutherford is dead – along with his doctrines and influence. And so are the reasons for Jehovah’s Witnesses’ “house-to-house ministry.”

In  two articles published on Freeminds.org several years ago, I discussed the changes made to two major old Watch Tower doctrines that have definitely affected today’s door to door ministry of Jehovah’s Witnesses. (One article has been updated and is available on this website. Link)

  1. The teaching, “Vindicate Jehovah’s Name,” officially changed in 1993 after seven decades of use to “Sanctify Jehovah’s name” (more in line with the Lord’s Prayer, “Let your name be sanctified”).
  2. And – the teaching that the Witnesses, when engaged in the preaching work, separate the sheep-like people from the “goat-like” people under the direction of the anointed class, who are under the direction of Jesus Christ. This doctrine was changed in 1995 when the Society explained that Jesus does the separating work when the entire wicked system of things ends (which is the same as Christendom has taught for 2,000 years).

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