Watchtower: Fewer “Types and Antitypes”?

Articles in the March 15, 2015 Watchtower may change hundreds of teachings that were based on the use and idea of “types and antitypes.” This could stretch the organization’s definition of “new light” as this would signal a major shift in past and current doctrines – and especially the many “end times” predictions by the Governing Body.

In fact, in that particular Watchtower magazine, the writers indicate that most – if not all – of their examples of ancient “types” being equal to modern “antitypes” may be completely trashed. Remember that everything that is printed in the Watchtower magazine – especially the “study articles” – must be approved by the Governing Body or their “helpers.”

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Ray Franz’s Interview in Poland (2007)

During much of his later life, former Governing Body member Raymond Franz was invited to speak before various groups and organizations around the world. He spoke with an eloquent and direct approach, but was never harsh or overly critical of those he disagreed with – not even of the Watchtower organization or its leadership that had treated him so poorly after his lifetime of service.

This particular video is an excellent example of Mr. Franz at his best.

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