A Scathing Review of Awake! “Creation” Article

Awake!, March 2014

Awake!, March 2014

Alan Feuerbacher, a long-time observer and critic of the Watchtower, has written a scathing critique of the Watchtower’s published view of “Creation” as presented in their March 2014 issue of the Awake! magazine.

You can read or download a full copy of Alan’s document here or from Alan’s original source here.

The magazine and article in question can be read online or downloaded here for a limited time at JW.org.

The Awake! article clearly puts the Watchtower deep into the so-called “Intelligent Design” camp. Those who are familiar with the Watchtower’s Creation teachings in the past will notice subtle but significant differences being introduced with this issue of the Awake! Here are some examples:

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