End of the World in 6000 Years – Part 2

Who else held to the “six-thousand-year” premise, and that God had given the time prophecies of Daniel and of Revelation by which the approach of the judgment might be known?

JOHN GILL (1697-1771): Ordained in 1718, and thoroughly versed in Hebrew and Latin, Gill was an eminent Baptist expositor on prophecy. He held that the millennium will be bounded by the two literal, corporeal resurrections, and the eternal kingdom is to be on earth, not in heaven. He lectured extensively on the year-day principle of prophetic time prophecies from Daniel and Revelation calculating that certain year-days mentioned therein would close at the end of the sixth millennium cleansing the church from all corruption.

ABRAHAM BAR HIYYA HANASI (1065-1136): Spanish astronomer, mathematician, and philosopher. Hanasi sought to determine the apocalyptic end. His calculations were derived from the date of creation, as he believed that the world would last 6,000 years, with the seventh as the millennial Sabbath. His is the first eschatological work, The Scroll of the Revealer, of a European rabbi, and it later influenced Nahmanides.

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