History of the Bible Students in Britain

Long out of print, A.O. Hudson’s book Bible Students in Britain (1989) documents in detail the first 100 years of IBSA / Watchtower history in the British Isles. When a few used copies occasionally become available on Amazon.com, the sellers typically demand rather high prices (usually well over $100 USD). I have provided a link to those sellers below this article. For those who would like to take a look before buying their own copy, I am pleased to announce that I’ve recently added a PDF version to our Documents pages in the 1980-1999 section.

THEY CAME off the boat at Southampton, that autumn day in 1881, two American evangelists, J.C. Sunderlin and J. J. Bender, commissioned by Pastor C.T. Russell to plant in Great Britain the message he was assiduously preaching in the United States. They set foot on these shores with the enthusiasm of men entering upon virgin territory. The States had known this evangelist for two years past; it was as yet unknown in this country. The time had come to proclaim it.

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