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WGAL News Reporter Interviews Barbara

TV station WGAL in Pennsylvania has been closely following the ongoing legal actions against Jehovah’s Witnesses in connection with their handling of child abuse cases. Becca Hendrickson, a staff and field reporter for the station, recently interviewed Barbara to discuss Watchtower’s policies that cover up and hide criminal activity within their Kingdom Halls.

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Barbara Speaks – The Pennsylvania Meetup

Our Barbara Anderson has been in the thick of things during June and July getting her message out to the residents and government leaders of the state of Pennsylvania. In a well-attended meetup reported widely by the press, Barb – along with other activists, attorneys, and prominent state politicians delivered scathing attacks against the Watchtower’s […]

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South Korea: Court Rules for Military Draft Alternatives

For many young male Jehovah’s Witnesses, the thrills and joy of reaching “manhood” are tempered by the possibility of serving some time in a Federal prison. Why? Because they face the possibility (especially when there are wars going on) that they will be called up   for military service.

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Russia: “United States Has No Moral Right” to Demand Release of Jehovah’s Witnesses

NEWSWEEK’s Jason Lemon reported on June 19, 2018, that Russia’s response to Washington that the U.S. government has “no moral right” to demand that Russia release religious or political prisoners – including detained Jehovah’s Witnesses. The U.S. State Department responded by issuing a statement calling on Russia to release more than 150 prisoners being held for […]

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A&E TV Presents New Series on Cults

An A&E TV program about cults (including Jehovah’s Witnesses) that Barbara will be on, will air this coming Tuesday, May 29th (2018) at 10 PM EST. Don’t forget to watch and please share the information.

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A Letter from Harry Peloyan

Here is another story about our time at Bethel that relates to my association with Harry Peloyan. He said that he would never allow articles critical of the Catholic Church that were related to the subject of child abuse to appear in the Awake! magazine. He felt that because JWs had similar problems, it would be […]

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“Barbara Uncensored” – Not Your Typical Biography

During the first week of May 2018, released a new book by and about our own Barbara Anderson and the tasks she has taken on for nearly 25 years. Barbara Anderson Uncensored: Eyewitness to Deceit is unique when compared to earlier books and autobiographies considered to be in the “ex-Jehovah’s Witness” or “apostate” book […]

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The Inquirer Publishes Scathing Report About JW Child Abuse

Philadelphia’s The Inquirer, one of the most credible newspapers in the United States, recently published an article by staff reporter David Gambacorta that dives deep into the notorious history of child abuse among Jehovah’s Witnesses.