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Barbara Speaks – The Pennsylvania Meetup

Our Barbara Anderson has been in the thick of things during June and July getting her message out to the residents and government leaders of the state of Pennsylvania. In a well-attended meetup reported widely by the press, Barb – along with other activists, attorneys, and prominent state politicians delivered scathing attacks against the Watchtower’s […]

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A Letter from Harry Peloyan

Here is another story about our time at Bethel that relates to my association with Harry Peloyan. He said that he would never allow articles critical of the Catholic Church that were related to the subject of child abuse to appear in the Awake! magazine. He felt that because JWs had similar problems, it would be […]

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Working in the Watchtower’s Engineering Department

Before my transfer from the Engineering Department to the Writing Department in 1989, the architect designing a 30-story staff residence building (that was about to be built near the four Watchtower printery buildings) mentioned to me his need for a professional cost analysis system to be put into place for future building projects. He designed the buildings but the Accounting […]

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“Barbara Uncensored” – Not Your Typical Biography

During the first week of May 2018, released a new book by and about our own Barbara Anderson and the tasks she has taken on for nearly 25 years. Barbara Anderson Uncensored: Eyewitness to Deceit is unique when compared to earlier books and autobiographies considered to be in the “ex-Jehovah’s Witness” or “apostate” book […]

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Living Was Hard Work

by Barbara Anderson The year was 1919. He was seven, the oldest of four surviving children. He was his immigrant father’s workhorse who was ordered to do man-sized jobs. Therefore, to keep the family warm, the child, not the father, often walked the long, wind-whipped city blocks carrying a heavy burlap sack of coal on […]

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Coping with Shunning

By Barbara Anderson
When my husband and I left the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs), we, like countless others, lost family members and friends because of the Witnesses shunning doctrine. Each of us has a story to tell as to why we left. Some of us have stories that are similar; others far different. . .

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Barbara’s Bethel Resumé

Yes, a Bethelite woman provided “spiritual food” to Jehovah’s Witnesses… Over the last couple of years, many people have asked me to share my Writing Department resumé and basically that’s why I’m writing this. I hope that the knowledge of what I did at Bethel helps Jehovah’s Witnesses to understand that the Watchtower organization misleads the […]

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“Me First!”

The last thing I remember hearing was the “click, click, click” of the left turn signal when he hit us. The back seat of the Karmann Ghia was cramped so I sat sideways, with my legs across the bench seat. The instant we collided – as our car turned left – I clearly saw the yellow and […]