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To all of our readers and visitors, we want to apologize for a recent change to the website that has created a bit of a problem for those who love to search out our older articles and “special series” of posts. We have always tried to make this site easy to navigate. However,  a recent WordPress program update has created some complications that have permanently damaged our existing directory program.

WordPress is the format we use to deliver our message and news to our readers. Like many modern computer and website programs, constant changes are being made by the companies that provide hosting, security, page themes, and other software that make all of the components of every website work most efficiently and safely. Every month (and sometimes weekly) we are notified that the organization that maintains WordPress – or one of the many supporting companies that provide themes, specialty programming, video, and photo support and security protection – has made significant changes or updates to our existing programming.

Most of those changes do not significantly affect the general format of the program you see. Nor do they make any changes to the photos and posts that we publish for your benefit and education. When they do make major changes or improvements, we can usually quickly adapt or restore the formats back to the previous status. But occasionally, the changes are more significant than normal and we are forced to modify our existing pages and other resources to make things work (or appear to do so)  as they have before.

And that was the situation we were faced with during the month of July 2020. A program (“plugin”) that we had been using for almost the entire life of the website was no longer available to us and was shut down by WordPress. Barbara was the first to notice this problem and referred it to me for replacement or repair. As of the publication of this notice, an acceptable replacement has not yet been determined. 

Let us assure you, our beloved readers and visitors, that we are working on this problem and hope to have a fix in place as soon as possible. At the same time, we want to give you some tips on how you can find the article or subject that you are searching for by using the remaining resources that are still available to you.

In the upper right corner of the HOME header of each page of the site, you will see the link to “Contents.” Pausing over that link will give you the options to go to the following resources:

Discoveries of Barbara Anderson  /  History and Leaders  /  History of WBBR  /  Open Minds Foundation

All of the links shown will go to those important pages on the site.  Likewise, all of the header links shown to the right of that choice will also take you to the articles or pages listed when you click on them.

Most other pages and posts will also have suggested articles listed on one of the edges. Some do not because of their formatting or status, but most do. Below each suggested list of articles, you will see another option:

Find Articles by Category

That helpful little resource should help you find the subject or specific article you are searching for. You can type in the title of an article you are searching for or a keyword associated with the subject of the article or post you are looking for. As an example, if the link comes up blank or has another subject showing – just type over the existing suggestion and type in what you are searching for. So if “Australia” comes up automatically (very popular suggestion), just type in “1914” and you will see a long grouping of articles where that subject is mentioned or focused on.

By using this existing resource, you should be able to find almost any existing post or article on the website until we have a new and efficient Table of Contents installed and tested to replace what we once had working for us. 

Give us some time and bear with us. We have several hundred posts, pages, videos, and other resources on this website. Creating an adequate and easy to use replacement will not be easy or immediate. In the meantime, if you are desperately looking for a particular article, post, or photograph that you remember being on this website, just put a comment into one of our most recent posts asking for help locating whatever article or subject you are searching for. 

Thank you for bearing with us during this somewhat frustrating time for us. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you are searching for something Watchtower or Jehovah’s Witnesses related. We will do our best to find it and email you a copy (or provide a link) directly to you.

Again, our apologies for any issues this temporary situation might create for you. 

Barbara and John

Featured Image Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels


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