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The following videos are some of Barbara’s growing collection that she is recommending to her readers. Many, but not all, include appearances or commentary by Barbara and/or Joe Anderson.

[Technical Note: Several of these videos are served from If you get an error message on your screen that states that your computer or web browser has a technical deficiency, ignore the warning and click on the ► (start play arrow) in the lower left bottom corner of the video rectangle. In most cases, the video will play as expected.]

 Randy M Interviews Barbara and Joe Anderson (2016)

Video Version of Chuck Morse Speaks with Barbara Anderson

Barb & Joe Anderson Interviewed at Bethel Family Night

A rare inside glimpse into the Bethel family in Brooklyn N.Y. This video was taken while Barbara and her husband Joe were still Jehovah’s Witnesses and members of the Bethel family at the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses. (Nov. 1991)

2002 Dateline Expose

Barbara was featured (along with Bill Bowen and others) in this very thorough and well-produced news documentary focusing on a few cases taking place at that time. The reporters clearly demonstrate how JW pedophiles continue to attend meetings and participate in the door-to-door preaching work. They are allowed – and even encouraged to do this – in spite of their repeated bad behavior. This version has been updated to present clearer audio and video than other versions on YouTube.

NBC Nightly News – Jehovah’s Witnesses Child Sexual Abuse

NBC news segment aired in the US on the 21st of November 2007 with evidence the Watchtower Society knew of paedophiles in the congregations and did nothing. [Also available HERE]

Tennessee Channel 4 – Jehovah´s Witnesses Settle 9 Lawsuits

Common Sense and Wisdom Uttered by a Very Wise Man – a Bertrand Russell Interview

Every so often in our lives we hear something said that was so meaningful that we wanted to share it with others by shouting the words from the rooftops. This is true of the reaction of so many who listened to the words of Bertrand Russell telling his audience what he learned from life that he believed future descendants should know. As interesting as this interview is, pay closer attention to Russell as he discusses at the end of the video what he learned about the “intellectual thing to do” and the “moral thing to do” in life. (Begins at 26:55 in full version)

“The Truth Inside You” Facebook recently (September 20, 2016) featured a segment of the following video of an interview with Bertrand Russell by John Freeman produced and broadcast by and for the BBC program Face to Face in 1959. Titled “Bertrand Russell’s Advice for Future Generations,” this may have been one of Russell’s most significant public appearances. In his role as Britain’s “foremost modern philosopher,” his opinions were critical to the growth of western European and North American “free thought” groups and movements. Russell lived by his philosophy and was a prominent mathematician, historian, writer and social critic. A Nobel laureate, Russell’s voice was prominent among Twentieth Century anti-war activists and political philosophers.

LINK to short edited segment presented by The Truth Inside You (begins at 26:55 in full version).

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