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  • VICE TV — Crusaders: Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses Speak Out (2021)
    With Barbara Anderson, Gary Breaux, Asher Candor, Candace Conti. Whistleblowers in a crusade to expose allegations of abuse and mind control within a global religious organization—the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • Silent Witnesses
    For Jehovah’s Witnesses, an insular culture and archaic rules have created a “recipe for child abuse.” A second was all it took. A second was all he needed. The little girl was 4, round-faced and freckled and dressed in her Sunday best. She was fidgeting next to her father inside the Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall in Red Lion, York County — a safe, familiar
  • Governing body policies inadvertently protecting pedophiles
    In 1991, the Awake! magazine included an article on surviving child abuse, which triggered a stunning response: Thousands of abuse survivors contacted the Watchtower. Some claimed they had been molested by elders, others by friends and family members. “It was awful,” said Anderson, who personally fielded phone calls from some victims. She discovered the governing body had specific protocols for dealing with molestation. Elders
  • Court hits Jehovah’s Witnesses with €96,000 fine for discrimination
    The Belgian chapter of the Jehovah’s Witnesses have been handed a €96,000 fine by a court in Ghent for discrimination and incitement to hate. It sets a precedent in Belgium that religious doctrine cannot be used as an excuse to break human rights laws. The ruling was the end of a six-year struggle by ex-member Patrick Haeck for recognition of the religion’s practices, which he
  • Russian Supreme Court Has Banned Prosecuting Jehovah’s Witnesses for Group Prayer
    The ruling may put an end to the law enforcement practice of jailing believers for praying together. Russia outlawed the nonconformist Christian denomination as “extremist” in 2017 and has since subjected thousands of worshippers to police raids, harassment and up to eight years of imprisonment.  This could also affect the 152 convictions that have not yet entered into force or are being appealed, according
  • DEAD: America’s Most Wanted, accused Jehovah’s Witness child molester Frederick Cecil Mclean found dead, a.k.a. “James Fitzgerald”
    There “may be other victims out there,” said U.S. Marshal Steve Stafford of the Southern District of California. Frederick McLean’s decomposing body was discovered on November 6th in his home in Seneca, South Carolina (Source: U.S. Marshal Service) where he had been living as “James Fitzgerald” for 15 years. The 70-year-old McLean had “numerous aliases” and had also lived in Poughkeepsie, New York, and
  • A Satirical Review of Governing Body Anthony Morris’ 2007 Convention Talk
    Want to know the high points of Morris’ talk in his own words? Want to know who “They” are who “Follow The Lamb No Matter Where He Goes”? Want to know who Morris said ninety-six times Witnesses should trust? Want to know about an old story Morris read verbatim without giving credit to the owners of the copyright? Want to know who asks us
  • BR+A Consulting Engineers’ Watchtower Bible & Tract Society New Headquarters Campus Development
    21 building, 2.1 million square foot development on 249 forested acres. The live, work, play campus has offices, an AV production studio, an Events Center, 10 mid-rise residential buildings, and amenities including a fitness center. The campus is expected to receive approximately 1,300 visitors per day. The campus Events Center will serve breakfast and lunch to the entire population of the campus. Learn more at
  • 105 Years Ago Today
    CHARLES TAZE RUSSELL’S DEATH WAS ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY On October 31, 1916, which is one-hundred and five years ago today, Charles Taze Russell, called Pastor Russell by his followers, died. At 2:00 PM, Tuesday, October 31, 1916, Charles Taze Russell, the husband of Maria Frances Russell, died four months, sixteen days short of his sixty-fifth birthday. His death, it was
  • Bearing Witness: Exposing the secretive world of the Jehovah’s Witnesses
    “Everybody thinks that Jehovah’s Witnesses are just lovely people, friendly, nice-looking people, maybe a bit quirky, who knock on doors. And it’s very difficult to help people understand just how dangerous this group is.”   Former Jehovah’s Witness
  • Escaping Jehovah’s Witnesses: Inside the dangerous world of a brutal religion
    Former Jehovah’s Witnesses are fighting back against a religion that failed them. They know they’ll lose their loved ones for doing so.
  • Inside the Insular World of Israeli Jehovah’s Witnesses
    The state refuses to recognize them and they have been victims of harassment. But Jehovah’s Witnesses insist that they lead normal lives and are not a dangerous cult. See “A Rare Glimpse Into the Insular World of Israeli Jehovah’s Witnesses“ The budgets come from donations. Each assembly room has a donation box, and people can give as much as they like. Communities also donate

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