Barbara Anderson’s Research

The following articles cover several subjects that Barbara Anderson has spent thousands of hours conducting extensive research and study. Some have been published on other blogs and websites but have been moved or reproduced here in order to archive them for future readers of this site. Barbara or her assistants will update them as needed.

Each of the following links will take you to the complete article or to a sub-directory. If you wish, you may add your own comments at the foot of each article.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Obstruct Truth-Seeking

Jehovah’s Witnesses are discouraged from doing extensive personal research into their modern-day history. Such action can cause a truth-seeking Witness to be labeled “apostate” and be shunned by family and friends. Yet, scrutiny of ancient Biblical history is allowable and thought to be important so why can’t the same standard apply to Witnesses’ modern-day history which reaches back approximately one hundred and thirty years at the very most? Based on the premise that these days are the last few gasps of a dying world, and salvation or eternal destruction depend upon Witnesses having all the information necessary to prove whether or not they really ARE the one and only true religion, one would think the more proof discovered, the better. [Read More…]

The Watchtower’s View of Charity

As most of you well know, Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) have never been known for having a charitable spirit, not even towards their own members because charitable acts are not encouraged by their leaders. Rather the message conveyed through this organization’s literature is that the most important thing for members to do is to spend personal time and money to convert non-JWs to their religion. They preach that after God destroys the world, suffering will be done away with so it is not necessary to relieve human suffering now. [Read More…]

Watch Tower or Watchtower – Which Is It?

Ever wonder why the name, Watchtower, (one word) is sometimes written, Watch Tower, (two words)? Does it matter? What are the legal ramifications? What does the Watchtower have in common with the Peoples Pulpit Association of New York? The answers to these questions and more are thoughtfully presented from a historical perspective. [Read More…]