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Barbara Anderson has a massive collection of documents, letters, and books representing nearly every decade since the 1830s. Her collection includes many old and long out-of-print volumes written by both supporters and critics of the Watch Tower Society and its founders.

Barbara’s new book, “BARBARA ANDERSON UNCENSORED, EYEWITNESS TO DECEIT” is now available on in both paperback and Kindle versions.

Here are direct links to the special articles mentioned in Barbara’s book:

Barbara’s report and analysis of the Watchtower’s infamous “Two Witness Rule” is now available on this website. Using the backdrop of the hearings held at the Australian Royal Commission hearings in 2015, Barbara describes how Jehovah’s Witness leaders (including Raymond Franz) have misapplied Leviticus 5:1 for decades – effectively concealing criminal acts by members of their congregations. This has effectively protected criminals and kept members of local congregations and their children vulnerable to sexual abuse and other crimes. Read Barbara’s entire report at “Flawed Decree Conceals Criminals.”

The collections cataloged below are often updated. Barbara frequently adds new material as it becomes available and as she finds time to scan it for publication. Newest documents are often noted with a **NEW** flag next to their descriptions and links.

If you know about or have access to, similar documents that do not appear in this collection and are willing to share them with our readers, please contact Barbara. She is always on the lookout for new material that can provide additional facts and points of view that can be added to this collection.

Unless otherwise noted, all material within these pages may be downloaded – but for your personal use only. Most of the books and documents are public domain material or original copyrights have expired. However, some books, documents, and letters belonging to private collections that have been shared or made available to Barbara with certain restrictions.

While you may generally quote freely from these documents, please contact Barbara before reproducing or republishing them. And please – if you do use this material on your website, please provide a link back to the Watchtower Documents as your source.