Jehovah’s Witness Culture: “Totalizing”?

For some Jehovah’s Witnesses the only place they truly feel comfortable is inside a Kingdom Hall. No matter how mundane, repetitive, ridiculous, or overwhelmingly boring the weekly meetings really are, or how excessively long and redundant prayers and “Kingdom songs” are before and after those meetings, they are part of a culture that convinces them they are really in their proper element. Even those who really dislike being Jehovah’s Witnesses will just “go with the flow” rather than ever question why they put up with their environment.

The fact is that ever since the days of Joseph Rutherford, the Watchtower Society has worked overtime to make sure that its members only march to its tune, at its pace, and in its unique style. If they don’t dance with their steps, they will find themselves outside the organization AND THEIR OWN FAMILY!

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