Barbara Anderson Interviews Efrain Rivera about his life as a JW

On Saturday, August 19, 2023, at 4:45 Central Standard Time, 5:45 EST, Barbara interviewed a former JW, Efrain Rivera, who has a fascinating story to share about his life as a JW.

Efrain, a native New Yorker was raised in Puerto Rico where he became a JW in 1988 at age 16 and a regular pioneer while in high school. Around 1992, Efrain began his service at the Puerto Rico Bethel. In the following years, he gave his all to further advance “The Good News” pioneering for nearly a decade. Efrain married a zealous JW in 2002. They moved to Texas in 2013 where they eventually exited the JW organization in 2018. The question is what transpired to make this one-time dynamo JW leave the religion he would have given his life for. Tune in and listen to this extraordinary tale. This program may also become available with Spanish captions. Check the videos and links below for more information:

This is the link Efrain’s story (In Spanish)

(In English)

Follow-up video: (Spanish)

Preview YouTube video Historia de un Precursor Regular y Betelita Testigo de Jehová

Preview YouTube video ESCAPED and HIDING From Jehovah’s Witnesses – Bethelite/Pioneer Efrain Rivera – EXJW StoriesPreview YouTube video Efrain Rivera – El costo de salir de los Testigos de Jehová

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