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New York Post: Former Jehovah’s Witnesses Recount Years of Sex Abuse Ahead of Landmark Case

Two former Jehovah’s Witnesses claim the church looked the other way when they were sexually abused as children for years — and now plan to sue under a landmark state law that takes effect this week. Lawyers for Heather Steele, 48, and John Michael Ewing, 47, alleged at a press conference Monday that the Witnesses […]

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Sweden: JWs Showing Unapproved Movies to Children

Sputnik News in Sweden reported in late July 2019 that Jehovah’s Witnesses “run a multi-million dollar film industry with the purpose of specifically reaching out to children. This is despite being convicted in a district court for showing films that have not been approved by the Swedish State Media Council.”

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Labeling A Person For Leaving “The Truth”

If there’s one saying used among Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs) that I truly dislike, it is this: “He’s not doing anything about the Truth right now.” This is used to indicate that someone isn’t active but there’s still hope they might return. What I don’t like about this is that it makes it sound like the […]

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South Korea: Court Rules for Military Draft Alternatives

For many young male Jehovah’s Witnesses, the thrills and joy of reaching “manhood” are tempered by the possibility of serving some time in a Federal prison. Why? Because they face the possibility (especially when there are wars going on) that they will be called up   for military service.

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Watchtower Buys a Large Property in New York

Jehovah’s Witnesses recently added another property to their real estate portfolio. This property acquisition took place in spite of complaints in their publications and on their online video channel that the organization has suffered from a nagging shortage of funds.

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Another Way to Reject Door-to-Door Preachers

Those of us from an older generation often looked forward to reading “advice columns.” Twin sisters “Ann Landers” and “Abigail VanBuren” wrote competing and entertaining columns that appeared daily in our hometown newspapers. Occasionally they included responses and suggestions from their readers that were actually useful and informative.

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UK Charity Commission Press Release: Investigation leads to improvements in safeguarding at Jehovah’s Witnesses charity

From: The Charity Commission Published:26 July 2017 The charity regulator reports on its investigation into Manchester New Moston Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses:

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Russell and Rutherford Disagreed on the Pyramid Teaching

Russell taught that the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was inspired by Jehovah God and used the pyramid’s measurements as a guide for much of the chronology in the Studies in the Scriptures volumes.* Rutherford credited the Pyramid to Satan the Devil calling the Pyramid “Satan’s Bible.”**