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Freedom in the Watchtower Society

Be aware that the following thesis, while supremely stimulating, thought-provoking, fascinating, attention-grabbing, remarkable, noteworthy, and appealing, and that the author makes use of “out of the ordinary” phrases along with other fascinating words and statements that, for readers of average intelligence (like me), makes for laborious reading. However, in my opinion, reading it is worth […]

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Libraries at Bethel?

“I asked Barbara Anderson, by way of email, a question about the Bethel libraries, in particular, those that the writers had access. I had hoped, based on her experience and perspective, she would jump in on one of our threads where the library topic had been raised. I didn’t know until several days ago that […]

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Barbara’s Bethel Resumé

Yes, a Bethelite woman provided “spiritual food” to Jehovah’s Witnesses… Over the last couple of years, many people have asked me to share my Writing Department resumé and basically that’s why I’m writing this. I hope that the knowledge of what I did at Bethel helps Jehovah’s Witnesses to understand that the Watchtower organization misleads the […]

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History of the Bible Students in Britain

Long out of print, A.O. Hudson’s book Bible Students in Britain (1989) documents in detail the first 100 years of IBSA / Watchtower history in the British Isles. When a few used copies occasionally become available on, the sellers typically demand rather high prices (usually well over $100 USD). I have provided a link to those […]

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Reasoning with Biblical Doctrines

Reasoning with Biblical Doctrines by Mary Patterson [The complete document is available for PDF download here: Click to View] In the last few years, there have been numerous “adjustments” in the Watchtower organization, both for doctrines and procedures. While many readers find these revisions enlightening, there are still many brothers and sisters concerned about all these […]