Court hits Jehovah’s Witnesses with €96,000 fine for discrimination


Photo ©Nicolas Maeterlinck/BELGA Patrick Haeck has spent six years getting his case against the Jehovah’s Witnesses to court 

The Belgian chapter of the Jehovah’s Witnesses have been handed a €96,000 fine by a court in Ghent for discrimination and incitement to hate. It sets a precedent in Belgium that religious doctrine cannot be used as an excuse to break human rights laws.

The ruling was the end of a six-year struggle by ex-member Patrick Haeck for recognition of the religion’s practices, which he described as cruel to the point of leading to suicide, as discriminatory. Fifteen other former members and the federal centre for equal opportunities, Unia, eventually signed on to the case.

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Willibrordus van der Weide

Willibrordus van der Weide

Patrick Haeck not show any Faith to God. He is acting as a godless man. So why he go to Court when he turn off of God?

The ex JW’s should not go away from God and reset there believes.
The Governing Body of the Watchtower Incorporated has nothing to do with God? Yes

They are the same false teachings as all man made religions today.

The Court decision was a rightful.

Al Smith

Al Smith

Although I’m glad he won the case, this looks like a slippery slope to me. Cultish practices like shunning, in this case, are hard to regulate via law. No hearts or minds will be affected, thus the practice, ingrained in the members, will continue and will be worn as a badge of honor, as “obedience” to their god. Regardless, I hope he enjoys what money is left over after paying the lawyers fees. :-))



It is wonderful that their ex-members are finding the strength to stand up to them! There was recent ‘law’ change in Victoria, Australia too; that discrimination against, or attempted conversion of a person’s sexuality is now illegal.
I look forward to seeing the results of that in the JW cult. For too long they have shunned and destroyed truly good people.
You would think that a group espousing ‘love’ would be above such low, narcissistic treatment of their fellow human beings “who they can see” (1 John 4:20)… it’s not that I believe the bible is by any means a good or ‘holy’ book, but they do say it is their manual.