Norway update from OSCE delegate post-2022 conference

The ten-day conference is dedicated to discussions on the condition of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the OSCE area.

Re: Norway and the Watchtower’s new European “Freedom of Worship Office”

This opening of this new ‘office’ in Europe appears to be the Watchtower’s answer to being exposed as a worldwide anti-human rights organization at the 2022 OSCE human rights conference in Warsaw, Poland.

And FYI, the Watchtower has been a member of the OSCE for decades…”

Norway removes millions in government funding from Jehovah’s Watchtower, Branch office closed

As per the video, a blow dealt to Watchtower was Norway removing the government’s funding of millions of dollars to the JW’s religion last year, a practice that is carried out for all of Norway’s religions.  Interestingly, the Watchtower branches in Norway and Sweden are now closed. 

FECRIS – European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Sectarianism (FECRIS), a French non-profit association, and anti-cult organization, serves as an umbrella organization for groups that investigate the activities of groups considered cults in Europe has invited the former JW speaker and delegate at the OSCE conference to join their alliance.

Here is a link to the OSCE conference. However, the GoFundMe account mentioned is closed—the donations from that endeavor totaled $3,295.53 (after the GoFundMe fees were removed).

The donations were for Ergali Abishev, an exJW (ex-Jehovah’s Witness, or those who now witness against Jehovah) who was a delegate to the conference and made it possible for him to attend the entire 10-day conference in Warsaw.

The donations also helped him to pay legal fees and court costs in four lawsuits filed against the Watchtower that plaintiffs, all former Jehovah’s Witnesses (exJWs), won in Kazakhstan.

Thank you to all 42 online donations + our offline & anonymous friends whose donations enable action.

More commentary and discourse regarding this new European office may be found on Reddit

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