Pope Francis: Internet “a gift from God”

Photo by Catholic Church (England and Wales) on Flickr
Pope Francis is a smartphone fan…
It has only been recently that the Watchtower Society has begun to embrace the Internet and the World Wide Web as anything more than another “tool of the Devil.” The Governing Body has for years demonized “the Web” as being a source of nothing but worldly news, false information, and a widely available source of free and easily accessible pornography.

The reality? The Watchtower and its Governing Body are afraid that both the public and curious Jehovah’s Witnesses may discover that hundreds of quality sites are sharing the facts about the Watchtower – or shall we say, “the truth about the Truth”? You can find plenty of material about the Watchtower, its history, officers and leaders, and major false prophecies with just a few clicks on Google or Yahoo! Search.

The new pope, however, sees the Internet in a different light. Unlike the Watchtower, which until recently relied entirely on the printed word and volunteers knocking on stranger’s doors to get their message to the world, the pope stated, “The internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity. This is something truly good, a gift from God.”

Who knows? Perhaps the Watchtower will fully embrace the Internet – and maybe even change their name from its 19th century moniker of “Watchtower Society” to something snappy and very 21st century like “JW.org.”

Read what Pope Francis had to say and why at this article on Slate . . .

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John H.

John H.

I think the Pope is a breath of fresh air compared to the most recent pope and most before him. It’s still false religion and the Catholic Church is still a cult – just a very large one with a long history – but at least this pope is finally dragging the Roman church into the 20th century. Maybe someday they’ll realize that this is really the 21st century.