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Bearing Witness: Exposing the secretive world of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

“Everybody thinks that Jehovah’s Witnesses are just lovely people, friendly, nice-looking people, maybe a bit quirky, who knock on doors. And it’s very difficult to help people understand just how dangerous this group is.”   Former Jehovah’s Witness

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“Women—Deserving of Respect”

“After this July 8, 1992 Awake! “Women—Deserving of Respect” was published, many letters of appreciation from women were received. Most disconcerting to us was the fact that 75% of the letters were not signed because the women said they were afraid of retaliation at home and in the congregation if the Watchtower sent their letter to the […]

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Three Abused as Children Tell Their Stories

Do we really have any idea how many children have been mistreated and sexually abused over the past fifty or sixty decades? Not unlike a horrific disease that can not be seen or detected until thousands have been infected, child abuse involving Jehovah’s Witness youth and families seems to have been, and continues to be, […]

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Jehovah’s Witnesses: A Cult of Isolation and Fear

The following article was first published in August 2017 at and was brought to our attention some time ago. We wanted to share it with our readers because it describes the experiences and feelings of growing up in a JW family from a child’s point of view – even though that child is now […]

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Montana Reverses “Mandatory Reporting” Ruling

Montana court reverses $35 Million Jehovah’s Witness case. Jehovah’s Witnesses held to be non-mandatory reporters. Watchtower reverses its fine. The Supreme Court on Wednesday unanimously reversed $35 million in damages against the Jehovah’s Witnesses, ruling the church did not violate Montana’s mandatory reporting statute when it did not report child sexual abuse by a Thompson […]

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Ron Reed: Why I Left the Watchtower

GETTING A CHILDREN BOOK FROM THE JUDGE, THEN ON TO BETHEL AND THE CIRCUIT WORK: One of my earliest memories is going to the St. Louis assembly in 1941 with my mother and grandmother and getting a copy of the book, Children, from Judge Rutherford. Then on December 7, 1941, I remember being at the […]

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JW Police Dispatcher / Elder Negotiates Plea in Sex Abuse Case

On September 20, 2019, the Fresno Bee reported that a 45-year-old Fresno, California Jehovah’s Witness pleaded “no contest” on Friday to charges he sexually assaulted a young girl from his church who was only 17 years old. The man was identified as Martin Phillip Ramos. An additional surprise was reported in the article: The accused […]

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JW Victims File Lawsuit Using New Victims Act in New York

The Zalkin Law Firm P.C. has filed a new lawsuit in New York on behalf of two childhood sexual abuse victims naming Jehovah’s Witness Governing Body members and other empowered and responsible individuals within the Watchtower organization as defendants. The Watchtower has a long history of defying court orders to produce pertinent documents and records.