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“I am one of the thousands of current and former JWs who believe that love is truth. (Mt 22:37-39) Any policy that is unloving cannot be true. (Mt 9:13) This is a global petition for the Watchtower organization to change policies in 3 key areas that violate the tenets of true Christianity and human rights:

  1. Child Protection (Mt 18:5,6)
  2. Medical Treatment (Mt 12:10-12)
  3. Shunning (Mt 9:10,11) (Lu 6:35,36)

Please visit the following link for more info: https://www.change.org/loveistruth22

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William smith

William smith

The 0rganisation is a giant pyramid. At the top the governing body, then the various committees,
Then the branches, and last but not least, the congregations with thiere bodies of elders. The governing body could not function without the Committees, the commitees without the branches and the branches without the congregation
Elders, who are really the ones who
Could and should bring about the changes needed. All it requires is guts, honesty, openness, and a love for those that they supposedly govern.