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Hiding the Truth: Watchtower Goes After FaithLeaks

The Watchtower has a history of criticizing other beliefs – calling them “false religions.” But the Watchtower has had innumerable changes in policy, doctrines, treatment of its members, and preaching methods during the past 150 years. It’s most prominent leaders promoted failed prophecies that “Armageddon – The End of the Present System of Things” was […]

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Watchtower Continues to Unload Kingdom Halls for “Relief Work”

We stumbled across another of our “lost in the growing stack” of past news tips and came across this gem of a report from Lower Saucon Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. It’s not so much about the news and the fact that the Watchtower was selling another Kingdom Hall, but rather their reasoning and explanation for […]

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“Silent No More: The Survivors” (Permitted Reprint)

 Roger Bentley (SCAARS) recently sat down with Hearst Television’s Chief National Investigative Correspondent, Mark Albert, in connection with a year-long investigation of sex abuse allegations and cover-ups in the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization. [We reprint the following articles with permission:]

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Legislative Pressure and Culture Change Among Jehovah’s Witnesses

The following article was written by Harvinder Singh, (BA, MA University of Birmingham, UK) and was published on the website on November 16, 2018. We feel that it has special value and merit and should be read and considered by our readers. Please note that most of the spelling and punctuation remain as presented in the original […]

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Jehovah’s Witnesses Face “Worldwide Reckoning”

In a follow-up article that continues his earlier reporting about the recent Jehovah’s Witness sex abuse case heard in Montana, Seaborn Larson of the Missoulian ties up the loose ends and expands upon the longterm effects that the case may have on the Watchtower organization. We present and preserve it for your consideration as follows:

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Over 1000 Abuse Victims Reported in Pennsylvania

On August 14, 2018, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General released an 884-page report that details the results of a comprehensive investigation on the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal within that state.

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WGAL News Reporter Interviews Barbara

TV station WGAL in Pennsylvania has been closely following the ongoing legal actions against Jehovah’s Witnesses in connection with their handling of child abuse cases. Becca Hendrickson, a staff and field reporter for the station, recently interviewed Barbara to discuss Watchtower’s policies that cover up and hide criminal activity within their Kingdom Halls.

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Barbara Speaks – The Pennsylvania Meetup

Our Barbara Anderson has been in the thick of things during June and July getting her message out to the residents and government leaders of the state of Pennsylvania. In a well-attended meetup reported widely by the press, Barb – along with other activists, attorneys, and prominent state politicians delivered scathing attacks against the Watchtower’s […]