Pennsylvania & Norway news updates


Stephen Unthank dives into an interview with the popular exJW YouTuber who goes by the alias ‘Goatlike Personality’ covering recent news updates from the case in Pennsylvania with recently elected Governor and former Attorney General Josh Shapiro, as well as what’s going on in Norway with government funding versus the Watchtower’s practice of shunning children, and women ‘apostates’ deserving of support and recognition making a real-life worldwide difference.

“In this live stream I’ll be talking about the hard work of many apostates that affect real-world results. And there are many of us, some of whom could use more recognition, like for example Barbara Anderson.” — Goatlike Personality, WT exJW ‘apostate’


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Scumbag doomsday cult sooner they bite the dust the better…

Sorry I forgot to put ‘family destroying’ between doomsday and cult…