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Russell and Rutherford Disagreed on the Pyramid Teaching

Russell taught that the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was inspired by Jehovah God and used the pyramid’s measurements as a guide for much of the chronology in the Studies in the Scriptures volumes.* Rutherford credited the Pyramid to Satan the Devil calling the Pyramid “Satan’s Bible.”**

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“Increased Light”— Mindless Justification For Removing Errors

In 2009, the Watch Tower Society published a songbook to replace the one that was in use by Jehovah’s Witnesses for twenty-five years. Along with new songs, many of the old ones were adjusted because “increased light” during that time caused many Witness doctrines to change and “some of the expressions used in the old […]

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JW Governing Body claims to be the “Faithful Slave”

Did you know how (in sworn testimony during the recent Australian Royal Commission hearing) Governing Body member Geoffrey Jackson responded to the question, “Do you see yourselves as Jehovah’s spokespeople on earth?” Jackson replied, “That, I think, would seem to be quite presumptuous to say that we are the ‘only spokesperson’ that God is using.” […]

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Libraries at Bethel?

“I asked Barbara Anderson, by way of email, a question about the Bethel libraries, in particular, those that the writers had access. I had hoped, based on her experience and perspective, she would jump in on one of our threads where the library topic had been raised. I didn’t know until several days ago that […]

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Witnesses Ignore “Do Not Call” Lists

Residents of Halstead have had enough door knocking by Jehovah’s Witnesses in their village. Halstead in Essex, England, is a town of about 11,000 residents just a 20-minute drive northeast of London. They’ve finally spoken out and complained to authorities that Jehovah’s Witnesses have become a nuisance and nothing seems to deter them.

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“Questions from Readers” Are Rarely from Readers

One of the Watchtower’s worst kept secrets is that the long-running “Questions from Readers” section in the back of Watchtower magazines – not unlike most famous newspaper advice columns – has in recent years rarely used questions from anonymous subscribers. Actually, if you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that many “questions” just happen […]

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Watchtower: Fewer “Types and Antitypes”?

Articles in the March 15, 2015 Watchtower may change hundreds of teachings that were based on the use and idea of “types and antitypes.” This could stretch the organization’s definition of “new light” as this would signal a major shift in past and current doctrines – and especially the many “end times” predictions by the Governing […]

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God’s Divine Plan of Evil for 6,000 years

In November of the year 1886, Charles Taze Russell wrote in the Preface of his new book, MILLENNIAL DAWN, of his intentions to publish a total of seven volumes under that name which would “… set forth the wondrous things of the divine plan” of God. The name of the first book in the series was, The […]