Russell and Rutherford Disagreed on the Pyramid Teaching

Russell taught that the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was inspired by Jehovah God and used the pyramid’s measurements as a guide for much of the chronology in the Studies in the Scriptures volumes.*

Rutherford credited the Pyramid to Satan the Devil calling the Pyramid “Satan’s Bible.”**

* Studies in the Scriptures, Volume III, Thy Kingdom Come, page 362
**The Watchtower, November 15, 1928, p. 344

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Russell and Rutherford Disagreed on the Pyramid Teaching — 12 Comments

  1. Speaking of pyramids…when I first came into “The Truth” I was sold a pyramid travel scheme called “Sunset Vacations.” I was told by the elder and his devoted wife that they would gladly take me on vacation with them since they wanted me to “leave all my blood relatives and friends that the congregation was my family.” Well, that was a HUGE lie. It turned out they went to Hawaii, Switzerland, and Italy without me but invited young adults whose parents were long time witnesses. Not some loner like myself who they were suspicious of. However, they did want my money! I did get invited over to watch their slide shows of their travels. Little did they know at 18, I went in the bathroom and cried. I was so miserable without my family and REAL friends. Five years of that kind of psychological abuse by Jehovah’s Witnesses shoved me away.

  2. and they call themselves Christian I was ua single parent I had moved up to the north of Scotland the congregation were so cold I felt so lonely it was all the elders family’s that were just about worshiped and who were invited every were like your self I cried out of pure loneliness

    • Big hug to you. I am so sorry you were treated like dirt too. It truly is a men’s club that only allows a select few into the inner circle.

  3. make a comment of your own experience at the watchtower study and see the reaction. Hah1 It took me a while to see they only wanted comments along the ‘party-line’. A few years later the wt changed (!) and asked for personal experiences. In recent times that’s dropped as the wts becomes ever more defensive and its back to quote the party line once more.

  4. Barbara, thanks for history info. Sadly that “active” JW members will not see this and also will not be in situation to be aware of many historical facts like this one.
    greetings 🙂

  5. Friendly suggestion
    : one of the subjects never came public is the descrimination jehovah witnesses they had towards blacks people the earlier nineteen hundreds 1900. I don’t have the publications or the English writing skills to write a article. I believe the black jehovah witnesses is good to know how the watchtower treat them that time.
    Thank you.

  6. The “Bible Students” , which was later renamed Jehovah’s Witnesses started out with beliefs from the Free Masons with the Illuminati teachings (becoming the bible students base beliefs). Russel was a Free Mason and at his death still believed and was still an active Free Mason. His grave stone is marked with Free Mason emblems including the pyramid symbol. This is just another religion based on pagan beliefs and teachings. I believe at one time hundreds and hundreds of years ago these groups were truly trying to understand Bible truths but as with many religions they go off track and just become another part of BABYLON THE GREAT the harlot of all religions; “Get out of her my people if you do not want to share..” in her destruction. The Bible is the only source of understanding we have of the will of our loving heavenly father Jehovah. I say do not throw the baby out with the bath water- get out of this religion but keep loving Jehovah recognizing his UNIVERSAL SOVEREIGNTY, continue praying to him, recognize his Son Christ Jesus as your king and savior, be eternally grateful for the ransom sacrifice and keep your eyes on the prize of everlasting life.

  7. One more thing- these teachings are based on Luciferian beliefs, remember that the best lie to be told is one with enough truth in it to be palatable and then believed. Just as the Bible says that the Devil appears “as an angle of light”. Do your due diligence and research Luciferianism and Free Mason teachings.

  8. Our family became familiar and was introduced to this organization way back in the 1920’s. Russel being a FREE MASON contacted other free masons all over the country. My great grandfather was a free mason and my grandmother was a Job’s Daughter when she was a girl. Russel’s teaching are rooted in Free Mason teachings with a spice of seventh day adventist which makes it a Luthafarian (not sure the spelling) based religion. Which would qualify J.W.’s base teachings the same.Our family were involved and some still are for 6 generations. The best lies told have a bit of truth in them.I have come to the realization it is just another part of Babylon the Great.

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