Wife killer refuses cake and celebrating birthday having become a Jehovah’s Witness behind bars

Joe O’Reilly, wife killer now Jehovah's Witness

Wife killer Joe O’Reilly in Dublin, Ireland has found God behind bars and is refusing to celebrate his 50th birthday because of his strict faith.

To become a Jehovah’s Witness, O’Reilly had to pass a number of tests. His murder conviction would have stalled his application but having proved knowledge of the religion, O’Reilly has been accepted.

He was even immersed in water as he was baptised.

O’Reilly is now known as a “publisher” and is among some 6,000 members in Ireland.

He also acts as a counsellor in the prison.

Source: Wife killer Joe O’Reilly refuses to celebrate 50th birthday behind bars after becoming Jehovah’s Witness, Dublin Live

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I am curious. How long is his sentence? Is he in for life or did he receive ten years to life?



The only “people” who join jws now are killers, pedos, and the corrupt. The fast track to gb team.