BBC Reports: Did JWs Destroy Evidence?

BBC Radio 4 reported on Sunday, February 14, 2016 that Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall elders in the UK were directed by the Watchtower Society’s headquarters to destroy certain documents that were of particular interest to the Goddard Inquiry investigating child abuse and reporting of criminal behavior.

The British government hearings are comparable to the Australian Royal Commission hearings that took place in August, 2015.

While the BBC’s report is correct that all Kingdom Halls were given direction about the destruction of certain internal documents, there is some debate and many unanswered questions as to whether this was a “change of policy” specifically intended by the Watchtower Society to prevent the Commission’s access.

Watchtower branch officers in the UK claim that this was not the case – and there is some evidence to support their claim. On the other hand, the Watchtower’s critics claim that the instructions regarding document destruction were specifically designed to complicate and frustrate the Commission’s investigation.

Jehovah’s Witnesses leaders did prepare a formal response to the BBC Radio 4 Broadcast (as read near the end of the program) that stated:

“We are pleased to confirm that our direction to all congregations in England and Wales is compliant with the terms of the Goddard inquiry…”

One would think that if this statement can be trusted, then Jehovah’s Witnesses leaders in the UK must have checked with the proper authorities before making such a claim. If  Jehovah’s Witnesses elders and officers were compliant with the terms of the Goddard inquiry, and innocent of the charges made on the BBC broadcast – namely that they ordered congregations to destroy IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS – then the credibility of the accusers will certainly come under further scrutiny.

The following audio recording contains the introduction and program segment as presented by the BBC.


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BBC Reports: Did JWs Destroy Evidence? — 6 Comments

  1. If there were a public beheading of people who were raised with incest: rapists and pedophiles, this world would have less fruitcakes that hate women and children.

  2. When the police show up at the Kingdom Hall to arrest a child molester, the elders escort the pervert out the back door and tell them to lay low until the heat dies down. In the meantime they tell the friends and family of the victims (women and children usually) to not associate with you because you are in opposition to Jehovah God for talking. Victims warning others of the danger in their midst are grounds for them to dis-fellowship you. I have even heard of misogynistic elders disfellowshipping a women who was raped at gunpoint because she didn’t scream. She said, “Please don’t do this,” and “No!” They kicked her out on the grounds of fornication. In other words the elders raped her a second time. The elders demonize the victims and feel sorry…feel empathy for the sociopaths. I witnessed this and it is really uneducated and low class. I truly feel that the elder body would be best served by talking a few simple college psychology classes to be better equipped to lead a congregation without ignorance, prejudice, and malice. Since psychology is frowned upon obviously to hide perverts in the Kingdom Hall, It will be a cold day in hell before that happens. Especially when there is no such place as hell. ;o)

  3. Thanks for posting this report. It goes along with what the Royal Commission from Australia reported. Over 1000 sexual child abuse cases of Jehovah’s Witnesses and not ONE was reported to the police ofrchild protective services. They posted the branch manual and it states that they can appoint child sex abusers as elders! Beware if you have children because the elder in your congregation can be in good standing and have sexually abused a child.

  4. The governing body and the elders are just as guilty as the rapists and/or pedophiles they are hiding. I honestly believe if there is an Armageddon, they will be destroyed first thing. I would hate to be in their empathetic/sympathetic to sex offender shoes!

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