Did You Know? (JW Poor Retention Rates)

“Jehovah’s Witnesses have the lowest retention rate of any religious tradition. Only 37% of all those who say they were raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses still identify themselves as Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

This fact was included among the key findings of the Pew Forum’s U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, which reflected the results of a nationwide survey conducted from May 8 to Aug. 13, 2007. It was drawn from a representative sample of more than 35,000 adults in the United States with additional over-samples of Eastern Orthodox Christians, Buddhists. and Hindus.

The study also took advantage of the 2007 survey of American Muslims (“Muslim Americans: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream”), which the Pew Forum conducted in partnership with its sister projects, the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, the Pew Hispanic Center and the Pew Global Attitudes Project. In total, these surveys included interviews with more than 36,000 Americans.

Although this poll is now over seven years old, the trends we see would reinforce these findings. In fact, with recent changes introduced by the new self-proclaimed “Faithful and Discreet Slave” – the Governing Body, we see more movement toward Kingdom Hall exit doors. We expect this trend to continue and likely grow.

Here is a link to the Pew Research Center’s findings: LINK

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