I Was Raised To Believe The Apocalypse Was Upon Us… 2020 Is The Year I Stopped Believing.

Watchtower Revelation Apocalypse Armageddon
“Death is nothing when you anticipate a resurrection — just blink your eyes and awake in perfection.” Rebecca Woodward

I was raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses to think Armageddon was something to look forward to. God would destroy the wicked world as we know it, to be replaced with a theocracy in which people like my family could live in eternal peace. We didn’t believe in heaven, but that the dead would be resurrected on a perfected Earth free of sickness and death. If I was very good, and went door to door warning neighbors of their impending doom, I would survive even when the world I knew was wiped away.

Most of my peers avoided college because a degree would be useless in paradise. Some even put off marriage or children, waiting for a perfect world to make a perfect family.

This was a difficult year to stop believing in Armageddon…

Rebecca Woodward via Huffington Post

Read more of Rebecca Woodward‘s story via Huffington Post

Cover illustration, “Armageddon Is Good News!” The Watchtower—Study Edition | September 2019

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Hello Barbara I once read that the JW’s in Mexico only had to pay a fine of
1000 Pesos for exemption in military service I lost that information.I wondered
if you might have any information . Thanks Mark