Michele Parsons Shares Her story

Blood Transfusions Saved Me

by Michele Parsons

The article regarding kidnapping sick JW children to escape court-ordered blood transfusions in the September 28, 2009 Toronto, Canada, National Post, is sickening and typical of what Jehovah’s Witnesses have done for years – forbid transfusions then deny allegations and responsibility for deaths.

I was born to Witness parents in the 1950’s but have been out of the group for a lot of years. However, nothing has changed. They are still a mind controlling cult-like society, never allowing their members to think for themselves.

I realized how mind controlled the Witnesses are when I visited a family friend who is still a Witness. During our conversation, she stated, “Did you know there is some new “light” in the organization? Now, we can accept blood transfusions!” Smiling, I said, “You better check with your elders. I don’t think so.” I didn’t say so, but thought, “No, how terrible the leaders of the Witnesses are to still try to continue their brainwashing even when clearly being wrong about blood transfusions, something that is still not allowed.” After that discussion, I was, however, still bombarded with how terrible it was that I was no longer in the “Truth.”

Blood and my lifeĀ 

A couple of years ago, I began to feel ill and kept getting worse. Then while I was alone during the day, I felt pain like I had never experienced before. I ended up calling 911. When the paramedics came I was on the floor. That evening, when my husband returned from a trip, he learned I was in serious shape in the emergency room. While surrounded by doctors, my husband and I were told I might not make it out of surgery. Nevertheless, I went ahead with surgery. After my abdomen was opened up, the surgeon found I had gangreneĀ in my small intestine and removed three feet of intestine.

I received six-seven blood transfusions and survived the surgery. Without the transfusions I would have bled to death, I was too weak to have survived on my own. The next morning, after my husband spent most of the night waiting for word about me, he went home to rest. Then when he returned to the hospital’s ICU, he asked the nurse, “Where’s my wife?” He hardly recognized me. She said, “Your hand is almost touching her foot.” But, he was grateful I was alive, I remember returning to consciousness, thrilled to be alive. My son came in and couldn’t take it seeing his mother hooked up to so much medical equipment. But, I understood because I didn’t want him seeing me looking so scary.

As the morning went on, my doctors told me and my husband that I was loosing blood internally, that I needed more transfusions, My son and husband are the same blood type as me, but I didn’t have time to wait for them to donate blood. I could feel something wasn’t right. If not for the quickness of the doctors to give me two more transfusions, I would not have made it. I was still in grave shape, but I began to slowly get the strength I needed after the blood transfusions.

If not for the blood transfusions, I would have died for sure. After only a short recovery, the doctors said when I got stronger physically, mentally I could fight my way back to health, which I did and recovered completely. Later, during my check-ups at the doctor’s office, everyone was thrilled at my strength and amazed at how well I was doing.

By NOT allowing other people to do your thinking for you, you’ll be amazed at how wonderful life can be. The choices you make CAN save your life! I was determined to enjoy my life and live to see my family grow up. I chose not to be CONTROLLED in MY life and neither should anyone else allow Jehovah’s Witnesses to have that power because that’s what they are all about, the power to control our thoughts and our lives.


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