What was the “Junior Bible Students Company”?

In 1926, during “a convention of Bible Students [today known as Jehovah’s Witnesses] held at Chicago … the question was brought prominently to the fore: ‘What shall be done concerning the teaching of truth to children.’” Several hundred brethren decided to pass a resolution calling on the President of the Society, Joseph Rutherford, “to give some expression concerning the teaching of the children.”

Whose children were the Bible Student’s interested in teaching? The Watch Tower of September 15, 1926 reported that it was children of Bible Student parents who gave little attention to teaching their children the “divine plan” and many children who associated with children of dedicated parents, whose own parents were not dedicated.

In response to this request, at another session of the convention, questions were asked and responded to. At one point it was said that “One of the best ways to interest the parents is to interest the children.” And “to teach the children the truth that the parents may see that their ways have been in error.” This in essence was primarily the main purpose of this teaching work—to have children convert their parents to the Bible Student religion.

Who would teach the children? Either a brother or a sister and not necessarily an elder, as long as the teacher was “faithfully devoted to the Lord’s cause and eager to be his witness.”

“It was suggested that there should be some appropriate name be given to this branch of witnessing to the kingdom. It was then suggested further that the Bible speaks of the prophets as a company, the church as a company of Christians. …”

“By unanimous vote, the name JUNIOR BIBLE STUDENTS COMPANY was selected as the name to apply to the classes or companies of children being taught the Word of the Lord.”

September 15, 1926, The Watch Tower, p. 277-79. Did you know that?

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