Convicted Child Rapist Caught Going Door to Door

For years we have warned that Jehovah’s Witness pedophiles “could be knocking on doors in your neighborhood” – putting your children and those of your neighbors in unthinkable danger.

It finally happened and it was caught on video.

A middle-aged male Jehovah’s Witness identified as a “publicly registered pedophile” was caught going door-to-door in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Challenging the accusation, he claimed it was all “just a mistake.”

The Watchtower Society claims that it has safeguards in place that would prevent that from ever happening. Maybe they do – but we have our doubts since we have not seen any evidence that guidelines exist or that they are being enforced. (Fact: No they don’t – and no they won’t!)

Pedophile-in-van-3In the video, a male Jehovah’s Witness is recognized as being someone listed on the local equivalent of “Megan’s List,” an official and verified catalog of known criminal pedophiles. The photographer asks him if he is “Waymon Ivery.” The fellow standing next to the van confirms that he is. The photographer then accuses him of being on a list of child molesters.

As the video progresses, the JW brother denies everything, stating that “it’s all a mistake.” The driver of the van (a sister) waits patiently for a few moments, taking it all in. You have to wonder if she had any idea that a potentially dangerous ex-convict had been sitting right behind her.


Another male Jehovah’s Witness climbs into the van from the other side. After he takes a quick look to see what is going on, he covers his ears with his hands and shakes his head. With a painful and frustrated look on his face, he buries his face into his lap. You have to wonder if the poor fellow knew that a pedophile was occupying the seat next to him.

It has been proven time and again that a surprising number of Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Halls in North America have one or more supposedly “repentant” pedophiles among their members. Most will from time to time preach door-to-door (usually, but not always) accompanied by another male Jehovah’s Witness.

A few will eventually be considered “repentant” and chosen to fill “elder” or “ministerial servant” positions. Those who hold those positions are given authority and access to other Jehovah’s Witnesses – and also, to some extent, their children.

“Repentant” Jehovah’s Witness pedophiles (and other members who were former criminals) are often allowed and encouraged to engage in door-to-door and street “witnessing.” Their Kingdom Hall elders require them to do so as proof of their “repentance” and “rededication to the organization.” A few have no restrictions at all and their actual past crimes are often unknown to other Witnesses. A few known to have had criminal pasts have attained relatively high-level assignments within the organization.

When news reporters and investigators ask Watchtower representatives about this policy, they hear only denials and misleading explanations. Elders and others will admit that when “wrong-doers” take responsibility for their mistakes and “show repentance” for their past sins can eventually be reinstated as “publishers in good standing.” (Yes, even those who may have been convicted and served prison time for their crimes.) If they continue to show a repentant attitude and a “desire to serve,” some may eventually be allowed to compete for – and be assigned to – “ministerial assistant” or “elder” positions.

Rick Simons is an attorney who represented a JW child abuse victim in a California lawsuit in 2012. During the court hearings (and afterward) he stated that the Watchtower’s policies allowed pedophiles to actively engage in the public door-to-door preaching work. He warned that children of non-Witness families could be in danger if they opened the door to one of these JW child abusers.

The whole point of his case was that his client (a minor) was, on several occasions, entrusted to the temporary supervision of a “JW brother.”  That was in spite of the fact that the “JW brother” had already been identified as a child molester. He not only went door-to-door with the victim, but he also took her to his home for brief periods. That was where some of the abuses took place. Attorney Simons wondered what might he have done to an innocent non-Witness child who opened a door to him when parents were not home.

Like the identified “brother” in the video, the molester in the above case continues to be an active Jehovah’s Witness. He too can be found on “Megan’s List.” And like the JW fellow in the video, he also claims that it is all a mistake and that he is not a danger to anyone.

Search name at Colorado Bureau of Investigation Sex Offender Registry (link): [IVERY,WAYMON CHANDLER]

In the meantime, far too many Jehovah’s Witnesses are like the other fellow in the back seat of the van:

  • They don’t want to hear the truth.
  • They don’t want to admit the truth.
  • At their own peril, they choose to deny the truth.


LINK to excellent article and video commentary.

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Srecko Sostar

Srecko Sostar

Horrible reality.

Debra Green

Debra Green

Thank you for making more people aware of this real threat to the public and JW congregants.



Please, please see that this proof gets into the public media so the general public knows this is happening.

julie romo

julie romo

It’s true I was married to a JW molester he abuse both of my children and i got him arrested, he did four years in prison.He’s out now and back to the JW s and going door to door. I quit that stupid JW call watchtower that protects them.



Horrible! Yet the elders will not take ask women and children that have reported these guys to the behavior out in service. Not to mention tell others to shun the victims as slanderers and welcome the sex offenders. Something is really super wrong with this picture.



Yes these cases of abuse are so often going unreported, my own sister committed suicide after being raped by a JW and then it was the scathing blaming way she was treated that she began mutilating herself and taking pills. In Silent lambs another poor woman was terribly victimized by the likes of Maurice Hadley of Oakleigh Congregation Victoria Australia. And other elders within Oakleigh are also attackers of those who are innocent but make these abuse cases public knowledge so that the victim is no longer Gossiped about because thats what happens in the Congregations of Jehovahs Witnesses, Congregation members Gossip and it is this that hurts the victims, John Norbury, Peter Linke are Dictators and they demand conformity and obedience and these men are the Elders.