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Freedom in the Watchtower Society

Be aware that the following thesis, while supremely stimulating, thought-provoking, fascinating, attention-grabbing, remarkable, noteworthy, and appealing, and that the author makes use of “out of the ordinary” phrases along with other fascinating words and statements that, for readers of average intelligence (like me), makes for laborious reading. However, in my opinion, reading it is worth […]

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JW Elder Knew of Abuse – Did Not Report for a Decade

It’s a rare week when a new case of child abuse or rape among Jehovah’s Witnesses isn’t reported somewhere in North America. That’s in spite of new court cases and successful convictions every few months that are destroying Watchtower’s reputation. The following report comes from a small town in Illinois (USA) where there was limited […]

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Jehovah’s Witnesses: A History of Lying in Court?

Lying in Court and Religion: An Analysis of the Theocratic Warfare Doctrine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses: Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.  Northwest State College, Archibold, Ohio

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Sweden: JWs Showing Unapproved Movies to Children

Sputnik News in Sweden reported in late July 2019 that Jehovah’s Witnesses “run a multi-million dollar film industry with the purpose of specifically reaching out to children. This is despite being convicted in a district court for showing films that have not been approved by the Swedish State Media Council.”

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Leah Remini Exposes Abuse and Suicide Among Jehovah’s Witnesses

For the very first time, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder met with former members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. In their special 2-hour episode, they invited a panel of contributors to open up and share their personal stories of growing up in the secretive Watchtower organization. The hosts allowed the participants to describe their experiences candidly […]

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Puerto Rico TV Reports Watchtower Child Abuse

On October 24, 2018, the Puerto Rico’s Telemundo Channel posted a 45-minute news variety show called “Entretenimiento Boricua”  (slang for “Puerto Rican Entertainment”). It featured a 23-minute segment about Jehovah’s Witness child sex abuse (with a focus on policy) as told in interviews. 

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Jehovah’s Witnesses Face “Worldwide Reckoning”

In a follow-up article that continues his earlier reporting about the recent Jehovah’s Witness sex abuse case heard in Montana, Seaborn Larson of the Missoulian ties up the loose ends and expands upon the longterm effects that the case may have on the Watchtower organization. We present and preserve it for your consideration as follows:

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Over 1000 Abuse Victims Reported in Pennsylvania

On August 14, 2018, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General released an 884-page report that details the results of a comprehensive investigation on the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal within that state.