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Kazakhstan: Court Gives Victory to Former Jehovah’s Witnesses

The events described in the following report began over a year ago. However, we did not receive correspondence with details regarding the court victory until late April 2020. You are about to read a disturbing account of exactly how representatives and elders of Jehovah’s Witnesses tried to intimidate and frighten a child in order to […]

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Ron Reed: Why I Left the Watchtower

GETTING A CHILDREN BOOK FROM THE JUDGE, THEN ON TO BETHEL AND THE CIRCUIT WORK: One of my earliest memories is going to the St. Louis assembly in 1941 with my mother and grandmother and getting a copy of the book, Children, from Judge Rutherford. Then on December 7, 1941, I remember being at the […]

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Jehovah’s Witnesses: A History of Lying in Court?

Lying in Court and Religion: An Analysis of the Theocratic Warfare Doctrine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses: Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.  Northwest State College, Archibold, Ohio

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KIRO-TV: “Kingdom Hall Damaged by Suspicious Fire”

KIRO-TV, Channel 7 in Seattle, Washington, reported on August 13, 2019, that an Assembly Hall in Puyallup was damaged by fire – an apparent case of arson. The Pierce County Fire Marshal is investigating what appears to be another attack on local Jehovah’s Witnesses. Two other reported incidents occurred during March 2018. [Video included.]

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Sweden: JWs Showing Unapproved Movies to Children

Sputnik News in Sweden reported in late July 2019 that Jehovah’s Witnesses “run a multi-million dollar film industry with the purpose of specifically reaching out to children. This is despite being convicted in a district court for showing films that have not been approved by the Swedish State Media Council.”

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I Believed I Would Never Die and Other Short Essays

There was a time when I believed I would never die. I literally thought that contrary to the experience of every human in history, I would never have to experience a physical death. That’s not the same as dying and then waking up in Heaven. It truly meant that my human body would never die and […]

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South Korea: Court Rules for Military Draft Alternatives

For many young male Jehovah’s Witnesses, the thrills and joy of reaching “manhood” are tempered by the possibility of serving some time in a Federal prison. Why? Because they face the possibility (especially when there are wars going on) that they will be called up   for military service.

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Russia: “United States Has No Moral Right” to Demand Release of Jehovah’s Witnesses

NEWSWEEK’s Jason Lemon reported on June 19, 2018, that Russia’s response to Washington that the U.S. government has “no moral right” to demand that Russia release religious or political prisoners – including detained Jehovah’s Witnesses. The U.S. State Department responded by issuing a statement calling on Russia to release more than 150 prisoners being held for […]