Did You Know? (Russell v. Rutherford)

…Russell and Rutherford disagreed on the Pyramid teaching?

Charles Taze Russell was famed for teaching that Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza was “inspired by Jehovah God.” He wrote about it extensively and used the Pyramid’s measurements as a guide for much of his “end times” chronology described with great detail in his Studies in the Scriptures volumes.[foot]Studies in the Scriptures, Volume III, Thy Kingdom Come, page 362[/foot]

“Pastor” Russell died in 1916. Just twelve years later his successor, “Judge” Joseph F. Rutherford, took a totally opposite position, crediting the Great Pyramid to Satan the Devil. He actually described the Pyramid as being “Satan’s Bible.”[foot]The Watchtower, November 15, 1928, p.344[/foot]

Decades later there are many “end times” Bible Students who still believe that the Pyramid will play a major part in determining when the world political systems will be destroyed. Long after his death, Charles T. Russell continues to have followers who study and still believe in his books. On the other hand, Rutherford and his writings have faded into obscurity and have no influence or credibility – not even for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza


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  1. Yes. I’m a Bibke Student and we have a historian that said he got rid of the Great Pyramid because it didn’t agree with Rutherfords 1918 date. We still believe the Pyramid. Fascinating study.

  2. I am quite disturbed St the fsct they Jesus teaching about everlasting life on earth I’d not mentioned at all Barbara.. The resurrection he performed and do many other miracles with words of everlasting life..
    I Smedle not returning to jws for many reasons, with the big one and choking one of sexual abuses, while I will always have to hear them criticise other religions, for not applying the scriptures,yet forget an important one of remove the wicked amongst yourselves, and so much more.. Wendi not need a religion; it is denying the most high in his ability to protect anyone he wishes.. No buildings will be protecting on his day.. The one “supposedly” who says they r the ones,May b as mentioned in the scriptures blind.. For somewhere it says: -“..who is blind but my servant whom I send..”
    Anyway references to the righteous living in the earth was Jesus teaching, and in our distress and trauma we nneed to remember Jesus ,his redemption and teaching, my heart cannot go forgetting this.,
    ThAnn you Barbara, for the courage you’ve had to have to expose this truth..

  3. Thanks for this information.

    If Jesus cleansed the temple in 1919, why did he wait until 1928 to correct a false teaching?

  4. Answer me this why is it that church teaches the exact opposite of what the Bible does? like the sabbath being Sunday when it’s Saturday? How about the holidays like Christmas? And the word Jehovah je means god and hovah means wicked one ruiner tempter?

  5. The title of the article is misleading.
    Judge Rutherford never in his life would have opposed Pastor Russell about the Pyramid or anything else.
    He waited for “the old man” to die and then began his mischief.

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