Labeling A Person For Leaving “The Truth”

If there’s one saying used among Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs) that I truly dislike, it is this: “He’s not doing anything about the Truth right now.” This is used to indicate that someone isn’t active but there’s still hope they might return. What I don’t like about this is that it makes it sound like the individual is not interested in “truth” as a concept. Yet, that’s usually what makes a person stop associating with the organization.

People are leaving the organization because they are interested in “truth” – the truth behind the policies regarding child sexual abuse, the truth about the dangers of shunning family, the truth about financial cover-ups, etc. A person may also leave to pursue a “higher truth” of spirituality, instead of the unsatisfying doctrine proposed by JWs. If anything, when one leaves the organization it’s because they ARE “doing something about the truth.”

Using this terse phrase to sum up a person’s current condition is an example of how using “loaded language” short circuits the ability to think objectively about a situation. Slapping labels and phrases on people makes it unnecessary for members to actually consider why a person has chosen a particular course. Instead of hearing the reasons why a person might have left, they hear that the individual is in a category – “apostate,” “inactive,” “worldly.” There’s no need for them to think beyond that label.

The reverse can also be true though. For those of us that have left, we often use labels and names to describe those still in. Whether we realize it or not, using these monikers to describe current members can stop us from thinking that there are reasons why people can’t seem to leave. They may be older and don’t want to think about the possibility that they’ve wasted their life. They may be younger and can’t imagine life without their current family and friends. They may simply be unaware of the problems within the organization. There are a host of reasons people stay in the imagined safety of the group. This doesn’t mean that they are all innocent. It simply means that we can’t lump them into a convenient category like they do to us.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I don’t want to be like them. I don’t want to use simplistic phrases to describe the entire life of a person when I don’t know all of the facts. I remember that I too would have fit into the category of a “sheep,” “borg,” “lemming,” etc., just a few years ago. If anything, I feel hope and compassion for those still in, knowing it is one of the most uncomfortable ways to live.

Contributed by Michael Paddock
July 31, 2018


Labeling A Person For Leaving “The Truth” — 7 Comments

  1. I have been labeled with this. In recent years, an old “friend” of the faith came a calling. I invited her and her family over for dinner many times. She declined with the excuse that her “family members are picky eaters.” I am a very accommodating chef and quite good. How does one go wrong with smoked ribs and corn? I asked her to join me for lunch at a restaurant which she also blew off. The truth came out when she told me that she “feels sexually assaulted because I told her about my sexual assault and that she really doesn’t want to hear about it and can care less how the elders treated me.” In her eyes I am “not good association because I am not doing anything with the truth, and that I never reached out to her and her family or care about them.” Oddly, she never ONCE reciprocated inviting me to her house EVER. I have never been to her house. I was the one that opened my house up to her. This only leaves me to believe that JW’s do not know how to make memories with people and maintain REAL friendships. I was just some hours on a field service card and would never be welcomed into her inner circle. I get it now! Whenever church people come around spreading their lies about a loving brotherhood, I don’t answer the door or I just politely bow out. I really do not need fair weathered people in my life. I could not imagine living forever with fake “friends” that do not care how Jehovah’s Witnesses mistreat people. It goes against my ethics. Living forever with thoughtless, and mean people would be a living hell.

  2. I don’t believe that no organization should be so corrupted as I have the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society has been. Now I am asking Jehovah God, why should Adam and Eve be blamed for what’s happening on this earth. Satan the Devil caused you to become angry with your first human couple and caused you to send Jesus to the earth….

  3. When I was growing up, the pertinent phrase was, “He went crazy and left the Truth©.” The implication was that no one sane would every leave such a Spiritual Paradise™. Now “apostates” are “mentally diseased,” and True Christians™ would never speak to them, welcome them into their homes, read their works, etc., etc. The Borg has devolved into a greedy mind-controlling cult, and it’s getting worse every day.

    • Mark Newsome, You are so right. I find it odd that EVERY SINGLE SEXUAL ASSAULT VICTIM in every Kingdom Hall is considered “apostate” when they never even left the “Truth,” as well as “bad association,” and demonized & shunned all because they told somebody about it or reported it to the police. JW’s are just as horrific and monstrous as the U.S.’s current administration. They are not a shelter from the storms of life and certainly not one single person will lay down their life for you even if you were a auxiliary pioneer when sexually assaulted. Now that is the truth. So much for their lies they call, “Truth!” I was told I was “mentally diseased…a slanderer” for reporting to the police, and that “I need to get spiritual help from the elders because worldly psychologists will tell me to do immoral things.” Never once did that happen. Imagine getting “help” from elders who told my only friends in the Truth to dump me until I apologized to my rapist for calling the police and not having 2 to 3 preferably male JW’s watching but not involving law enforcement!” The only help they dish out is jive talk and mental judo. Once my “best friend” in the Truth told me that the elders threatened her with being treated like I was being treated and that she had to shake me loose I knew I was in an organization like Scientology. Funny thing, the elders never came knocking on my door with all their “help!”

  4. Another thing that JW teachings short circuits is compassion and empathy for other people. That’s why they can treat others, including family members, so coldly. Nothing is as important as “saving your skin”, your own salvation. They would run their own grandmother down in the parking lot if the Watchtower told them to. Other religions are often appalled at the cold-heartedness of the Watchtower and its members.

  5. I am personally so depressed and confused what to believe any more since being disfellowshipped 2 years ago. Jehovah was my best friend and my life revolved around him. I am still unsure if I should try to return or not. No one is perfect, nor any christian organisation or the witnesses, but when you learn origins of pagan customs, and the lack of accuracy in so called “false christianity” it isolates you and when you leave, you dont know where you belong.
    I am truly lost now.

  6. Jason Neil McIntyre of the Oakhurst California congregation has been faultlessly proven to having sexually molesting both his sister Sara Renee McIntyre Touchette and his cousin Rachael McIntyre several times while they were children. This matter has been concealed by both his congregation and The North American Branch of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Sara lives in Houston with her husband and young child. Rachael lives in or around Sacramento California.

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