Murdered Singer, Selena, was Raised a JW

Did you know that Selena Quintanilla was raised in a devout Jehovah’s Witness family? Or that the Mexican-American singer who was murdered by the founder of her fan club on March 31, 1995, would have turned 44 on April 16th?

Tens of thousands of her adoring fans are expected to gather in the late singer’s hometown, Corpus Christi, Texas where a special two-day tribute will be held on April 17 and 18, 2015. Many other events have already started in honor of the singer.

In an article published on, Selena’s father expressed mixed feelings about the remembrances and celebrations:

“As Jehovah’s Witnesses, we don’t celebrate deaths or birthdays, and we don’t want people to think we’re behind all the festivities,” said Abraham Quintanilla to the Associated Press. He said his family has never gotten together and celebrated on the day of the murder of his daughter because there is nothing to celebrate, and they remember her every day.

But the family says they are happy to see her fame endures, which is no surprise to those who have chronicled the late singer’s popularity.

One Selena fan said, “She is someone who deserves to be remembered, because she was a great role model.” Many feel the same way as they have created fan websites and social media accounts devoted to Selena, a woman raised by her Jehovah’s Witness father in a religion whose members are supposed to be “no part of this world.”

Link to NBC News article about Selena’s memorial.

“Selena” – Wikipedia article and biography.


Murdered Singer, Selena, was Raised a JW — 12 Comments

    • Hell or Hades translates to “the common grave of mankind.” Gehenna was a place outside of Jerusalem that people threw their garbage in to burn. Much like our dumps. As far as a fiery place of torment? That is neither in the Bible and it was adopted in medieval times to scare thousands of uneducated people who were shown pictures (they were illiterate) of a demonic entity, trapped souls, and flames so that they would be scared into giving the church 10%+ of their income. If they didn’t convert, they were faced with being put to death. Lovely? Not.

    • [Inappropriate text deleted by Editor] …Selena was an excellent role model who brought nothing but beauty, positivity and inspiration to the world.There was nothing “ungodly” in the lyrics of her music, and you don’t “go to Hell” for merely singing music that isn’t of a “religious” nature.She went to schools to warn kids about the dangers of using drugs, did work at shelters for victims of domestic violence and the homeless, raised money for charities, and sometimes donated all the money she made from a show to charity.She believed in God, and Jesus Christ. So, if Jesus comes back tomorrow, and asks you why you perpetuated the lie that one of his true children is “in Hell”, what are you going to say?

  1. @Jessie
    If by “hell” you refer to the badly translated Hebrew & Greek words “Sheol” & “Hades”, then indeed she is peacefully resting in the common grave of mankind.
    If you were trying to refer to an eternal place of fiery torment, then I’m sure glad that I don’t believe in your vindictive god who would torture people FOREVER for just a relative few years of sin (being born imperfect then we are all sinners in God’s eyes).
    That aside, comments like yours really show how humankind churns out some nasty pieces of work, ironically from amongst supposed “Christians”, whose motto should be to live by love & forgiveness. I will leave you to meditate on your own future that awaits and I hope that your “hell” will have cooled down a bit by the time you get there! 🙂 According to Eddie Izzard, it’s run by the British too!

  2. I am certain that the elders gave her father flack for getting his kids into music…extra curricular activities which were shunned at the time of her murder. I knew folks that were in the entertainment industry for a living and they were always singled out as “different” because they were not janitors and laborers like so many are world wide barely making enough to survive while going out door to door regularly. A college education and a vocational school was even shunned because of the “worldly influence.” In recent publications “because of the financial state of the world,” they have changed their tune. Think of the thousands of folks that were treated like dirt…shunned even because they just simply had a mind to go to school, and they wanted to use it to help them stay afloat! How CRUEL is that?!!! Not Christlike at all!

  3. One thing I’ll say this the ordinary JW members are forced to live on Welfare because they are told to not try finding a better living. But Selena was a great singer.

    • Jd, It’s crazy to see how misinformed you really are there is very very few who do live on welfare. We are not shun to go to school or seek higher education. We are not a Welfare religion a lot of us own businesses and have great paying jobs we find the time to go out in service or as you call it door-to-door preaching the good word of God as much as we can.

  4. As a still recovering JW, I’m saddened by way i see. Although i still have love and forgiveness for my family which are still in… it’s sad to see that jw’s call themselves Christians. It is a cult, nothing more.
    Nothing but the blood of Jesus can set you free and wash away all sins. Not changing words in the bible to make a religion.

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