Watchtower Faces Major Lawsuits in Canada

We were just notified about the following press release. This is a major and important legal action taken against three Watchtower entities by a major law firm based in Toronto, Canada. We will follow-up with coverage and commentary as quickly as more information becomes available to us. This could be a major groundbreaking legal event for the Watchtower both in and outside of Canada.





October 2, 2017

Jehovah’s Witness Sexual Abuse Class Action Toronto law firm McPhadden Samac Tuovi Hate announced today that it had commenced a class action in Ontario against 3 Jehovah’s Witness organizations, one in Canada and two in the United States. 
The amount claimed on behalf of the former students is the sum of $66,000,000. 
The case has been brought on behalf of current and former Jehovah’s Witnesses who claim they were sexually assaulted by Elders of the organization. There is also a class of claimants composed of those who allege that when they were children they were sexually assaulted by adult Jehovah’s Witnesses.
The action has been commenced on behalf of all those affected, regardless of where in Canada they reside.
While the name of the proposed representative plaintiff has been disclosed in the Statement of Claim, a discreet and confidential claims process whereby the identities of other claimants are not disclosed will be sought.
Victims may contact the law firm in confidence at www.mcst.a . They are encouraged to complete the online questionnaire to provide particulars of their situation.
The defendants have not yet been served with the Statement of Claim but will be served in the near future.
A motion to certify the action as a class proceeding will be brought after the defendants have been served with the claim. 

Contact: Bryan C. McPhadden
Phone: (416) 601-1020 
Fax: (416) 601-1721 

LINK to Official Announcement

LINK to Class Action Lawsuit Filing Document

Here is an additional report and video from Toronto City News:  LINK



Watchtower Faces Major Lawsuits in Canada — 5 Comments

  1. This type of action should’ve been taken long ago.
    But since it is in progress every JW should get a
    copy of the questionnaire.
    Two suggestions:
    1. Post it on the information board in every Kingdom Hall worldwide.
    (good luck on that one)
    2. Send an email or text to every known JW and ex-JW you are aware of. Link to the
    questionnaire or Barbara’s site.

    I have read/viewed many stories on various sites and You tube of those who have been assaulted.
    Fill out the questions and send it in. Don’t worry about the statute of limitations.
    What needs to happen here is exposure. Overwhelm WT. Inform the media. (Reveal, PBS. Your local newspaper). Get the questionnaire out there. Do it now. Stop this evil abuse of children. Expose
    the cruelty that ex jws have suffered and the deception present JWs are unaware of.

  2. Does it matter how many yrs back it happened? This is awesome!!!…How many fingers are now pointing at…this is not going away…”Dirty little secrets”…within …”Jehovah’s clean organization”… and we who were abused and are speaking out…are the ones they shun and mark and avoid…we will die as apostates at…Armagedon…while they, the abusers and those who covered over this and looked the other way, pointing at Catholics and other religions… will enjoy life eternal in Paradise with God’s smile of approval???? Hmmm…..? No amount of money can make horrors of abuse go away, this needs to be done…They need to be held accountable…thanks to all who listen and try to be of help.

  3. Will this be sufficient to bring down this “CULT” please, please can someone make of this the biggest head lines in the News Media. TV, Newspaper, Advertisement, so this ignorant religious people understand that this, so called religious is nothing but a Satanic Cult since its beginnings back in 1784 with the Masonic, Ops! “Moronic” Russell and Rutherfraud. Also, the government should revoke or remove their tax exempt status as a Charity since this people don’t help no even their mothers. Thanks to all the ones that are working hard to bring out the true about the “Truth”. DOWN WITH THE WATCHTOWER…….of BABEL.

  4. Advertise, advertise, advertise the Watchtower Child Abuse Cover Ups.
    Send an email or text to every known JW and ex-JW you are aware of. Link to the
    questionnaire or Barbara’s site.

    Note: If you are still a JW,active or inactive, it is suggested not to use your own email. Get a gmail with a fake name. Don’t bring down the Tower on yourself. Have a Non-JW friend send out the link to the ‘friends’. Contact your local newspaper; give them the link to this site.
    Do it now. Stop this evil abuse of children.


  5. Am still a JW from the Netherlands and i am not hiding for some elders or the GB at all. On the 31-10-2017 put the 21 theses on my Kingdom hall door in Arnhem, Netherlands. You shall ask me how it is possible you are not official disfellowshipped by some elders ? Because i not go to any JC and i ask to show my human rights on paper otherwise i go to police. They stopped after two years persecutions and i go to some Kingdom hall meetings and answer in freedom ! Am never left the JW religion but they left me…..the same as Maarten Luther.

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