A Special Message from Barbara

My Dear Friends, As you may be aware, for over 20 years I have been promoting changes to how organizations protect children from sexual abuse through the media and through the legislative and litigation processes. In late October 2015 I asked you to join me in signing, sharing, and supporting a petition to President Obama's administration to support legislation to tweak the Tax Code to help protect children from sexual abuse. I explained how you could get involved and help me toward that goal.   [ http://wh.gov/iPVIe ] Unfortunately, we did not come close to reaching our goal.  http://www.fb.me/WhiteHousePetition If you want to read what I consider would be an effective and reasonable law to protect children from sexual abuse, please read the legislative overview of a draft bill that is referenced in the petition at


You Can Still Help

While this particular campaign did not meet our goals, I sincerely ask you to please get involved before another child becomes a statistic.  Even simply contacting your member of Congress and both of your US senators to support this type of legislation would be very helpful. Although talking with a Congressional staffer would be the most effective, a template of a letter/email that you can send to all of your members of Congress is contained in the same Drop Box account as the draft bill. Regards,


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  1. Hi Barb , if you’re not a member of the 144,000 , I’ll petition ( pray ) YHWH GOD , cause according to my knowledge and understanding of the Bible , you have all the credentials ! I will do anything I can to support your “Protect the Children ” ACT ” ! Keep-Up your admirable & noble work ! ( If possible , and if you have any knowledge about a certain ” J.A. Bohnet ” who was responsible for the “Pyramid shaped memorial stone-stele ” for the watchtower , would you please send me that information ? Why isn’t there much info/bio about this so important man in the history of the “Watchtower &Jehovah’s Witnesses ” ? Why is there so much about many lesser important figures ? ( Sounds very “Free-Masonical ” to my knowledge of them ) ! Love & Blessings to You & Your Husband , thanks xx “Mary ” .

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