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Letter of Dissociation of Carlos Fernandes

The following “letter of dissociation” was submitted by “Carlos Fernandes” to the elders of his local Kingdom Hall in Portugal. While it is long and detailed, we were impressed by his calm approach and solid reasoning. We are pleased to reprint it here with Senhor Fernandes’ permission.

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A Reason to Celebrate: AJWRB

AJWRB (Advocates for Jehovah’s Witness Reform on Blood – is a diverse and dedicated group of former and current Witnesses from many countries. Some active supporters and volunteers are presently serving as JW elders and Hospital Liaison Committee members. Others have previously served in that capacity. A few work in a related medical field or […]

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Identifying “Spiritual Abuse”

Within organized religious institutions, the manipulation and pressure over “performance” issues perpetuated by people in positions of authority are common, but not easily recognizable. The effects should be characterized as “spiritual abuse” initiated from a misuse of power and influence by leaders who lack humility and integrity – and who also consider themselves above questioning. […]

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Barbara’s Review of JWs’ 2017 UK Child Abuse Policy

After reviewing Jehovah’s Witnesses’ 2017 Child Safeguarding Policy for the UK and Ireland, I have one question: When will stubborn Watch Tower leaders and legal departments instruct elders to stop trying to investigate child abuse allegations and immediately call the authorities? Supposedly the 2017 CSP (Child Safeguarding Policy) improves on current JW policies, making them […]

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Spanish JWs File Complaint Demanding Secret Documents

Europa Press reports that AbusosTJ (JW Abuses),  an activist group in Spain, plans to file a legal complaint against the Watchtower offices in Spain. This action is due to their refusing to release internal documents, files and other evidence involving dozens of child abuse cases within the Jehovah’s Witness religion.

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Australia’s Royal Commission: JWs Protected Pedophiles, Not Children

The Washington Post, along with other major newspapers, reported on November 28, 2016, that during the past sixty years in Australia not one of hundreds of alleged child abusers identified as Jehovah’s Witnesses were reported to police or civil authorities.

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Woman Allowed Assisted Suicide – Why?

CBS News reported on May 12, 2016 that papers published recently by the Dutch Euthanasia Commission reportedly revealed that “a woman in her twenties was allowed to go ahead with assisted suicide based on psychiatrists’ decision that her mental health condition was ‘insufferable,’ and it was therefore illegal to deny her life-ending drugs.”

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The Struggles of Jehovah’s Witness Women

Please listen to the following “Critical Thinking” program and hear Lady C interview Joy Grant – one of my closest friends. I must say I found the interview an excellent way to spend an hour.  Titled “The Struggles of Jehovah’s Witness Women,” the time spent listening to the YouTube version seemed to fly by because […]