3 thoughts on “Barbara Anderson’s Diary

  1. Barbara has been an outstanding in the wuest for truth and transparency within Watchtower Corp and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Her tireless efforts to protect children have helped thousands of people wake up to the abuses within organized religion. She will always be held in high esteem by those who love what is right. Joe, her husband is an unsung hero who was unmoveable when forces of badness waged their campaign of hatred and scheming against Barbara. Husbands take note.

  2. Thanks for publishing this. 2000/2001 was certainly an inflection point
    for the organization. Sadly, they failed to push through the needed
    reforms for the most part. Here we are twenty years later still advocating
    for change. They are a stubborn bunch – but so are we.

  3. Barbara is a true inspiration on uncovering deceptions that we all were blind about. If not for her, I would still be told “those things never happened. How could they? We have the truth!!!” Because of her and all her proof, I am now able to live my truth. Congrats Barb, 20 years of freedom!!!!!

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