Barbara’s Analysis: Watch Tower’s Child Safeguard Policy (UK)

Barbara reviewed Watch Tower of Britain’s Child Safeguarding Policy and its implementation. What she discovered was depressing and disappointing. After Watch Tower submitted their child protection policy to the Commission more cases were reported within UK JW congregations – including one involving a Kingdom Hall Trustee.

While reviewing the January 2013 POLICY document, Barbara was surprised to find that it contained just a single statement (#18) that directed elder/Trustees on how to protect children in their congregations from avoidable harm. It was just a simple instruction that they restrict a repentant abuser “…from being alone in the company of children.” The policy did not explain what procedures to follow to assure that abusers would obey that rule. None of the other guidelines discussed in the other twenty-three statements of policy specifically define what elders should do to protect children in their congregations.

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