DEAD: America’s Most Wanted, accused Jehovah’s Witness child molester Frederick Cecil Mclean found dead, a.k.a. “James Fitzgerald”

Frederick Mclean Dead

There “may be other victims out there,” said U.S. Marshal Steve Stafford of the Southern District of California.

South Carolina: Most Wanted fugitive found dead in home
Watch and read the local news reporting by Oconee County, South Carolina’s WYFF4 of the NBC family.

Frederick McLean’s decomposing body was discovered on November 6th in his home in Seneca, South Carolina (Source: U.S. Marshal Service) where he had been living as “James Fitzgerald” for 15 years.

The 70-year-old McLean had “numerous aliases” and had also lived in Poughkeepsie, New York, and Anderson, South Carolina.

Watch CNN The Hunt: Frederick Mclean (Frederick Mclean discovered dead November 2021, investigation ongoing for victims, and further information as fugitive. U.S. Marshals)

America’s Most Wanted” Jehovah’s Witness Frederick McLean was wanted by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department on multiple counts of sexual assault on a child.

One accuser, a former Jehovah’s Witness who is now an adult, said McLean had assaulted her more than 100 times between the ages of 5 and 12.

DEAD: Frederick Mclean "James Fitzgerald"
DEAD: America’s Most Wanted Frederick Mclean, alias “James Fitzgerald”.

Years later in South Carolina…

“He seemed really nice —that’s what’s so scary,” said Lynn Ellison, who tells WYFF News 4‘s Renee Wunderlich that her husband found their neighbor, “We knew Jim – he went by Jim at this time – we didn’t know he had any aliases. Talk about being nervous… I’m still nervous. It’s kind of eerie.”

“He had asked us then if we knew any young boys that wanted to help out – we think he was redoing the inside of his home – that could get into tight spaces, and what not and my husband and I exchanged an odd glance, like ‘Somethings up with this guy’,” said Jessika Faulkenberry, a neighbor, and mother of three who told WYFF News 4 her family didn’t know him well, only saw him walking in the neighborhood.

No photo description available.
2018 campaign to Find America’s Most Wanted, Frederick Mclean #FindFreddie

“The investigators working on this case never gave up. We hope McLean’s death brings some sense of closure for the victims and their families, especially knowing he can never hurt another child.”

U.S. Marshal Steve Stafford of the Southern District of California

On November 15th, an autopsy was performed and a fingerprint obtained was compared to the known fingerprints on file for McLean. Positive identification was confirmed based on the fingerprint analysis, and no foul play is suspected in McLean’s death, according to the U.S. Marshals.

“The discovery of Frederick McLean’s body marks an end to the manhunt, but the investigation continues,” U.S. Marshals Service Director Ronald Davis said in a statement Friday. “I want to personally thank the men and women of the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office and the Oconee County Coroner’s Office who dedicated hundreds of man hours helping the Marshals identify the body and gather evidence allowing us to gain a better picture of McLean’s life as a fugitive.”

U.S. Marshals Service Director Ronald Davis

In addition to other victims, investigators are now trying to determine if anyone helped McLean avoid justice.

…there “may be other victims out there.”

U.S. Marshal Steve Stafford of the Southern District of California

Anyone with information related to this case should contact the nearest U.S. Marshals Service office, or local law enforcement authority.

Watch and read the local news reporting by Oconee County, South Carolina’s WYFF4 of the NBC family.

See also KTLA local news, “SoCal child sex assault suspect on U.S. most-wanted list found dead in South Carolina.

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Al Smith

Al Smith

Sad that so many victims are suspected to be out there but not found out yet. Because of this guy’s nature to prey on the young, and how many years have past since his being missing from the public eye, I’m sure there are many. Thankfully, he is dead and that is good news. If the JW’s had seriously taken care of this problem years ago, many of these monsters would have been found out and dealt with. Unfortunately, there are many other religions and government organizations contributing to the pedophile problem as well. Hopefully this evil will be dealt with sooner rather than later or there will be a serious reckoning that will occur for this society.

P. Camp

P. Camp

Very fitting death to someone so evil!

Kimbal Summers

Kimbal Summers

And here’s an ironic twist of divine fate. Frederick Mclean was never disfellowshipped ( based on the news reports ) and died still believing as a faithful brother before Armageddon ( may God bless his little soul ), hence the devoted surviving Witnesses will see him in the coming resurrection. His sins are now forgiven by Jehovah at his death ( the wages of sin is death ); – according to scripture. God’s unending love knows no bounds.

Unfortunately for little old me, I asked too many hard questions and got kicked out for doubting the authenticity of the Slave Class and their 1914 date. That’s made me far, far, worse than Mclean, and all his covert activities.

To Jehovah – me asking questions on 1914 is far, far, more dangerous that playing with little boys genitals. Its a bigger crime in God’s eyes as I don’t apologize for my actions since I fail to see what sin I have committed. To all J(e)W’s – I am not humble. Why in fact, Jehovah states to “remove the wicked man from among thee”, the “doubting man is like the waves of the sea” with no regard given to him by God.
Yet in the bible, this same Jehovah approves of all Israelite children to be circumcised, while the babies of the non-believing Philistine mothers were to be ripped out of the womb and have their skulls dashed against the rocks as a sign of his indignation.

For me, I will go to into gehenna while the twisted man Mclean will get a resurrection and everlasting life on a paradise earth. This is the reasoning behind God’s divine love in action. The cleaning out and getting rid of the wicked man ( that’s me folks ) from among the congregation while the real sinner ( Mclean ) gets eternal life in paradise.
Yep – I’m more wicked than Mclean – and paying for it every day of my life as “Satan’s mentally diseased son” incarnate.



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Thank you Roatek