Jehovah’s Witness Suspected of Failure to Report Crime in Kazakhstan

VIDEO I received the message below today in its entirety as it’s seen below and the article mentions my name:

“I knew that such trials about pedophilia have been going on abroad for a long time, American Barbara Andersen even created a fund for victims of pedophilia in the Watchtower.

When she raised the issue, she was also expelled, she also spent half her life there. I understood that this is there, but I thought that we do not, since we have a different country and mentality…

It can so easily be translated into English which I did once I clicked on the link. There is also a video that can be accessed and subtitles in English or any other language can be seen.

Hello from Kazakhstan.

Свидетеля Иеговы заподозрили в недонесении о тяжком преступлении в Алматы (видео) | NUR.KZ

In YouTube, enable closed captions & set to auto-translate to English.

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Oscar Chott

Oscar Chott

Thank you for exposing these ridiculous cult following stupid sheople