JW Victim’s Website Offers Legal Handbook

We’ve added JWVictims.org as a new entry to our page of recommended websites. It’s a well-presented news site focusing on child abuse cases among Jehovah’s Witnesses. It’s also a valuable resource, providing helpful information and supporting materials for professionals.
Recently they made available a valuable publication designed to educate and prepare those in the legal profession when representing clients involved in JW child abuse cases. This is how the editor of JWVictims.org describes the handbook’s objective:

This handbook has been created to help lawyers and other legal professionals better understand the challenges in dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses in litigating, addressing, and treating matters of child sexual abuse. Those outside of this religion who are unfamiliar with its beliefs and practices may find that information and resources for such litigation are scarce and/or difficult to understand. By using this handbook, we hope that those who are fighting for justice for the victims of child sex abuse within the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses can better prepare their cases, and better understand those abuse victims.

We’ll let this admirable website speak for itself – something almost every article and commentary does extremely well. While there are many websites and publications that cover this ever-important subject, JWVictims.org has joined Watchtower Documents and others in leading the way. [Check out our “Suggested Websites” page.] Child abuse within the Jehovah’s Witness religion must stop! The only way to deal with the problem is to identify pedophiles, strip them of their privileges and let qualified secular and legal authorities deal with them. Above all – Jehovah’s Witnesses must put protecting their children at the very top of their priorities.

Above all – Jehovah’s Witnesses must put protection of their children at the very top of their priorities.

JWVictims.org is making this handbook freely available. While they make it clear that the booklet is copyrighted, they state that is “meant to be free for downloading and distribution.” For that reason, we are not only posting a link here to JWVictims.org where it can be seen and downloaded, but we are also providing direct access to the booklet for the convenience of our readers.


Download PDF version of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Child Sex Abuse






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la voce

la voce

I wish I had this. I would have not felt so all alone.

Harry McGrath

Harry McGrath

Hi Barbara, Thank u for ur reply. First a little about myself. I am a retired industrial chemist 83yrs of age riddled with arthritis so I find typing difficult.My wife died 8yrs ago and I live on my own. Despite my correspondence questioning their scriptural stand on blood and many phone calls I have received no satisfactory answer. I would like ur opinion on it. The easiest way for me would be if u sent me ur postal address and I post u photocopies. There are about 16 pages in all.
Kind Regards